How to get your band's listings on (updated Dec 29, 2012)

The fastest and simplest way to get your events posted is to use our simple event submission form on Facebook.
If your band or venue is not listed, please submit information and a web link to [email protected]

Please consider keeping your events calendar on ReverbNation updated. We have implemented an auto-magical tool that will get your dates in the New England area.

We have 576 bands in our database, with 262 using Reverbnation. The best way to tell if your RN site is listed with us is to take a look at your band's detail page. Take a look at the detail page for Track44 and you'll see links for their website, myspace and reverbnation pages. If you use the dropdown list at the bottom of the detail page, you can select your band and see if you have RN links. If we don't have you listed, send us your RN link.

We are also experimenting with, a free Sonicbids service that will get your dates on other social networks and even local newspaper listings. If you use Artistdata, please send us the links for your feeds - for some reason, they don't display them on your band page.

The slowest method is to submit your dates using email. Please submit in advance and supply sufficient details so we can post your listing. In the subject line, specify your band or venue's name. If you have a website, please supply that in the body.

Then list each event, date first followed by artist(s) or venue name. If it is an artist or venue we don't have in our database, it won't be listed unless you supply at least a webpage or address information.

Please note that press releases are not the proper way to submit dates for listings. We don't read press releases, honestly, we don't have the time. Instead, use our Facebook submission form.

Send submissions to [email protected]