Yankee Cockfight

Yankee Cockfight
band review

By Jay Scheffler
June 2013

You've seen Yankee Cockfight play live, right? No?! Then I suggest you remedy that soon. Yankee Cockfight are a heavy blues duo from the White Mountains of NH. Consisting solely of Scrimmy on guitar and kick-drum and Mighty Junior on harmonica and vocals; these guys produce a huge, aggressive sound. Mighty Junior got his start-playing harp in his home state of Mississippi with some of the delta/hill country blues royalty. He barks out blues lyrics like an angry mastiff on a whiskey binge. His harmonica playing is vicious; loud, feedback-drenched, and to the point. Junior plays only the toughest blues licks and somehow gets his amp to feed back on key. His control of amp feedback is Hendrix-like; I've never heard another harmonica player do this.

Scrimmy lays down a solid, rockin' rhythm over which Junior can work his evil magic. He is like the Freddie Green of punk blues; constantly pumping out that rhythm and never even THINKING about taking a solo. If you've heard the term "Punk Blues" before and wondered; this is what it's about.

These guys are gonna unleash their sound on an unsuspecting nation and finally get the props they deserve this summer when they embark on a cross-country tour with RI's Filthy Still. The tour's high point will undoubtedly be Farmageddon Fest in Montana where they'll play for a huge crowd thirsty for beer and high revving alt-roots music.

The other great news is that Yankee Cockfight will FINALLY release a proper CD this summer; something I've been looking forward to since the first time I saw these guys.

Yankee Cockfight is a New England blues treasure. I'm hoping to see them play the Boston area more in the coming months, so please check em out! You won't be sorry(or maybe....you will!)



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