Louis Myers

Louis Myers
Unsung Heroes of Blues Guitar

By Peter Parcek
January 2012

One of my favorite guitar players at backing up a harp player is the brilliant Louis Myers. Perhaps it was because he also played harmonica so well himself that Louis was such a gifted and empathetic accompanist. He is prominently associated with two of the greatest modern harmonica masters - Little Walter & Junior Wells. Louis and his talented brother Dave, along with brilliant drummer Fred Below,formed one of the absolute standout modern blues ensembles, the Aces.

Louis' musical range was truly impressive. His playing was possessed of strong traditional roots along with an appealing modernity.

He was capable of great sensitivity as well as tremendous drive and intensity. Mr. Myers’ linear concept and chordal work were both rhythmically incisive and propulsive. His playing is chock full of memorableand innovative hooks - both single line and chordal.

Thank you Louis Myers for your brilliant contributions to the lineage and legacy of the blues guitar.


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Louis playing a live instrumental from 1989

Louis backing Little Walter on "Off The Wall"

A lesson featuring Louis' approach backing Little Walter

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