Hollywood Fats

Hollywood Fats
Peter Parcek's Unsung Heroes Of The Blues Guitar

By Peter Parcek
March 2012

I had heard his name for years and people I respected told me he was truly brilliant. When I heard Michael Mann, aka Hollywood Fats, I understood.

I was overwhelmed by his timing, touch, tone and depth of soul. He possessed an uncanny sense of the song he was playing and was able to communicate that effectively to the listener.

His guitar lines were very vocal and felt like sentences in a blues-infused communiqué suffused with reverb.

His story reads like blues legend or lore. The early start, the apprenticeships, the mastery of a myriad of styles, both country and urban, within the blues art form.

We had him amongst us for too short a time. Thank you Michael Mann - Hollywood Fats - for your incandescent guitar brilliance and inspiration.

Here is a link to a heartfelt tribute to Hollywood Fats

Here is a link to a two-part clip of Hollywood Fats with James Harman swinging up a storm:

Hollywood Fats and James Harman part 1 part 2

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