Robert Lee McCollum aka Robert Nighthawk

Robert Lee McCollum aka Robert Nighthawk
Peter Parcek's Unsung Heroes Of The Blues Guitar

By Peter Parcek
April 2012

One of my all time favorites is Robert Lee McCollum aka Robert Nighthawk.

Robert's playing is deeply moving, evocative and highly articulate with echoes of Tampa Red and Tommy Johnson. He expertly employs microtones and vibrato to create guitar lines that truly speak. He has influenced generations of revered electric guitarists including Elmore James and Earl Hooker.

I also adore his singing voice which is dark, conversational and occasionally laconic. A partial list of his recordings which have inspired me include: Sweet Black Angel, Anna Lee, the entirety of Live On Maxwell Street and Bricks In My Pillow.

Robert's tone and approach is distinctive and compelling with long fluid lines that flow and possess interesting contours. He took the electric guitar and applied the slide to it in a deeply moving and highly artistic way.

Thank you Robert Nighthawk for your brilliance and the innovative approach you brought to the art form of Blues guitar. I have learned and continue to learn much from you.

Robert playing Anna Lee
Maxwell Street

Here is a biography of Robert Nighthawk by James "The Hound" Marshall

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