Chris "Stovall" Brown

Chris "Stovall" Brown
Yaz's Place puts on Concert for Hope to benefit Dana Farber

By A.J. Wachtel
February 2010

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A few Sundays (1/17/10) ago Yaz's Place in Quincy was packed with blues lovers for a benefit hosted by Joanne Cullen and Roger Labier, members of The Dana Farber Marathon Challenge team running to raise money for cancer research. Someone should have called the cops; so many people having so much fun in one place during these tough times should be against the law.

A slew of great bands came out to support the cause:

And what a great show: set after set of blazing blues done by some of the area's best performers in a nightclub splendidly suited to host a crowd jumping and jiving to every note screaming from the stage. Though there were a lot ofaudial climaxes throughout the night, having Stovall Brown appearing early with Sweet Melissa was good planning and their electric set tore the roof off the club. Seeing Stovall grab his mic stand and slide it up and down his fretboard mid-song a la Freddie King was magnificent. He is a true local treasure and Sweet Melissa is one of the finest blues singers around. Before Brown rushed out the door to another gig I caught up with him.

AJ: Is that your real band?

Chris Stoval Brown: No. That was Sweet Melissa Barbosa, Sweet Willie D jumped onstage to sing a song, CSB on guitar, Kenny Gardner on drums, Face on keys and Kevin on bass.

AJ: Anything new with YOUR band?

CSB: I will be touring with Watermelon Slim (as his drummer!) in March and we'll have a CD out with him in November.

AJ: You have two gigs today. What's your take on the current blues scene?

CSB: The Blues scene is not even close in popularity to what it was 20 years ago, but its always been a niche music. And there are definitely less gigs happening with more players vying for those same gigs.

In a perfect world seeing a show like this everyday would really make life more enjoyable, but in my own imperfect world I'll have to wait for another great concert atYaz's to get me moving again.

If you would like to pause for the cause and donate to the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge team, you can do so using the links below.

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