Jeff Norwood - 1961-2012

Jeff Norwood - 1961-2012
”Rest up easy, trouble no more.”

By Georgetown Fats
May 2012

Sadly, for many of us 2012 has started just as 2011 ended - with the loss of yet another talented blues musician. Jeff Norwood, a singer-guitarist out of South Carolina left us all on Sunday April 22. He was just 50 years old.

While I will not dishonor Jeff or his family by claiming a friendship, I will say that as both a musician and a man Jeff Stone Norwood was someone I held in very high regard. Norwood’s vocals and slide guitar evoked some of the best talent in Delta and Piedmont style blues without imitating those bluesmen who came before him. Jeff as a man could find the humor in damn near any situation whether it be the rigors of the road life, or shabby parochial treatment from some of Boston’s so-called and self-consumed “blues legends.”

Jeff is survived by his wife, Mary Anne McLaurin Norwood, their daughter, MaryAnna Bethune Norwood, and his stepson, John Daniel McLaurin, II. In addition, he is survived by his children from his first marriage, Eric Jeffrey Norwood, and Hannah Ilea Norwood, and their mother, Sherie Kaigler.

While it is a shame to think there are no more shows for Jeff Norwood to perform, the bigger shame is that not nearly enough people knew his music.

Out of respect to Jeff, and others who travel the country to chase their dreams, please get out and support live music.

Given the amount of people Jeff touched, I would expect more tributes are forthcoming. For now some links about Jeff and his music can be found at;

A link to Jeff’s Obituary can be found here.

Another tribute to the man and musician at Rest Up Easy, Trouble No More - A Tribute by Big Jon Short

Reviews of both Jeff Norwood’s full length releases Awewdaw and Push Pilin’ by BBS Alumnus Elliott Morehardt

Elliott Morehardt also had a chance to interview Jeff Norwood, as well as offering his own tribute titled “Art Comes at a Price- a Memorial to Jeff Norwood”

A link to order Jeff Norwood’s most recent EP, Lord Help

All proceeds from Lord Helpwill go to help Jeff’s family cover medical expenses. Create good mojo and karma, while celebrating Jeff’s life, by buying several copies of this EP.

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