The Hooten Hallers

The Hooten Hallers
Into The Deep End

By Jay Scheffler
November 2013

The Hooten Hallers are an amazing underground deep blues band from Columbia Missouri. I'd listened to a few tracks online and heard several trusted friends extoll their virtues; but it wasn't until I saw them play live at Muddy Roots that I realized just how good they are! Their set at the annual roots music orgy was spectacular. They usually play as a two piece; Andy Rehm on drums and vocals and John Randall on guitar and vocals. This time around, they were joined by Paul Weber on harmonica and Tuba(!). Paul played harmonica on their most recent album, the excellent "Greetings From Welp City". After catching their live performance, I went back and listened to that album in ernest.

John plays some joyously filthy guitar and Andy bangs away on the drums with style, adding funky, off-kilter grooves to compliment each song. The most distinctive element to their sound has to be the singing. They sing most of each song together. While John sings the lead with a deep soulful growl, Andy sings harmony and counterpoint in a high clear falsetto. Together, they create a vocal duo unlike any I've heard before. Couple this unique approach with catchy, diverse songwriting and you've got a band that I can't wait to hear more from.

These guys spend most of their time on the road so it's just a matter of time before they play New England; don't miss 'em when they do! Until then, pick up their CD "Greetings From Welp City" and groove!

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