Geezer's Garage

By Bill DeTellis
December 2010

On the last Friday of every month a gentleman from Quincy puts on what is known as “Geezer's Garage.” It is held at The Granite Rail in Quincy Center. “Geezer's Garage” consists of a number of bands and individual acts playing one set of about 30 minutes each.

The entertainment ranges from established bands like “Ten Foot Polecats” and “Tokyo Tramps,” to some bands just starting out looking for a chance to showcase their talent, and some individuals like “Preacher Jack” and “Joey Fingers” who have been entertaining fans for years.

One of the best parts of the night is that the bands often move outside of their comfort zone and have fun. One night I heard the blues band “Tokyo Tramps” play the song “Jambalaya” and they were clearly having a fun time doing it. I had the chance to sit down with “Geezer” and ask him some questions.

BBS (Boston Blues Society): How long have you been doing “Geezer’s Garage?”

Geezer: This is our third year.

BBS: How did you come up with the concept?

Geezer: I was in a meeting with Jerry Mulvey, owner of the Granite Rail. Talking to him about possible gigs for my band and discovered that he is a big supporter of live music. So I decided to approach him with an idea that I have been thinking about for a sometime. The idea of having a number of bands showcase their talent by playing one set each one night a month. Jerry liked the idea and that was the start of “Geezer's Garage.”

BBS: How did you get it started and particularly how did you get some of the established bands to participate pretty much for what was in the tip jar?

Geezer: Some of the acts like “Joey Fingers” and “Ten Foot Polecats” are people that I have a relationship with over the years. Joey was in my band and we have shared venues with the “Ten Foot Polecats.” Others have come by word of mouth and from a trust that I have developed with many musicians over the years. Plus the Granite Rail is now putting in some money to give to the bands in addition to the free pizza they give to those who attend.

BBS: What about you, how do you get paid?

Geezer: I have never taken a penny from this. I do it for the pure enjoyment of bringing together people who love music with musicians who love to play it for the respect they get from the music lovers who are there. I also want to provide an atmosphere where people get to know each other over time and come to have a good time.

BBS: How would a band approach you about playing at the Garage?

Geezer: The first thing I should mention is that the Granite Rail only has a cabaret license and bands can only have three members. However, if a band is interested in playing at the Garage they should contact me through my Facebook page.

BBS: I notice that two of your children,“Charlie the Bayou Boy” and “Lonesome Lil” participate with you. That must be a thrill for you. How did they get started?

Geezer: Yes, it is a thrill. It started with a band called “Lonesome Lil” which had Charlie on the drums, me on the guitar and Lil on piano and vocals. School had cut down Lil's time to continue with the band. As far as Charlie, he started a band called the “Real Bayou Boy.” He is starting to get some recognition with it and a radio station in New York called Jugtown went on his link and played one of his songs.

BBS: Do you have any plans to expand “Geezers Garage?”

Geezer: I don't think so. I like it the way it is. Maybe we can add more seats. We recently agreed with the Granite Rail to continue there well into the future.

BBS: Is there anything you would like to say to the Boston Blues Society audience?

Geezer: Please extend me the opportunity to thank the many bands that have made Geezer’s Garage possible over the past three years. I know I might forget some but they are: Meteor Mike, Tokyo Tramps, Ten Foot Polecats, Preacher Jack, Joey Fingers, Frank Roe, Jeff Crane, Classic Bruins, Doug McDonald Band, Ken Highland, Cal Cali, Leon Rich, the Brooklyns, Mike Rubin, Stoughton Youth Rock Group, Geezer's Deluxe and the Real Bayou Boys.

Geezer's Garage is usually held on the last Friday of the month at the Granite Rail in Quincy,Ma. However,because the last Friday of December is New Year's Eve,the December Garage will be held on Friday December 10th from 7PM-midnight. Come on down on the 10th and witness first hand the joy's of “Geezer Garage.”

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