Beyond The G String

By Georgetown Fats
October 2014

I leave you in better, more capable hands than my own. After four years of churning out newsletter after newsletter a deal has been brokered which will allow me to take a step back from being Mr. Managing Editor back to Georgetown Fats - unhinged lunatic critic.

It was not a decision that was made lightly.

Over the last four years I have had the privilege to be introduced to a whole assortment of great new blues, interview some fantastic up and coming acts, while making several trips around North America for their own tastes in their blues. I have forged lasting friendships with people I would have not had the privilege to have met otherwise. I have have gone on the road with local acts, jammed/pinch hit on a few occasions offering up my own rudimentary musical skills as ultimately “the show must go on”. And so it will go on.

Over the last four years, I’ve also become a Dad while losing my own. I have taken a lot of heat for being honest about my opinions. Only one time did it ever bother me, and that was to be called into question for expressing my opinion about the deterioration of my child’s namesake and about “the corporation’s” unwillingness to let a great man retire.

Probably the most rewarding has been watching local acts take that next step in their careers. Knowing I played a very small part in helping a local act get to that next level will always be rewarding, but to be able to do so without my hand out when they do has always allowed me to keep the good mojo in check. Those of you who play blues professionally will always have my respect. Those acts that can add their own originality, and you know who you are, will always have more of that respect...You’ll read more about the editorial team transitioning back to Karen Nugent elsewhere. I just wanted to thank you all, as well as Bonnie Hale and Lady K for doing all of my real work as one of my final acts as Mr. Managing Editor.

Thank you. It has been fun.

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