Live Review Dante’s at Fireflys, Marlboro, MA

Live Review Dante’s at Fireflys, Marlboro, MA
Dave Fields

By Karen Nugent
February 2012

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When we last visited Dave Fields, the New York singer-guitarist was doing some hilarious Hebrew blues, and playing nearly every instrument on his entire first CD. Now, a few years and two CDs later (the third, Detonation, is due out in April) this very talented and hugely entertaining musician has only improved.

Madame President and her old friend from Newton braved a snowy night to hit Dante’s in Marlboro for the long-awaited performance, which, oddly enough, was postponed once because of the freak October storm.

I was not about to miss out when I heard the show was on. And what a fantastic show it was.

Fields, a singer-songwriter and fiery guitarist -and piano player, bassist, producer, and who-knows-what-else - was born in Manhattan but spent time in the south as a child. He is a tremendous entertainer (and did I mention cute?) with a flair for the comedic. He threw in a few bars from Andy of Mayberry, and a few other silly, but, fond, memories throughout the evening.

While a lot of Fields’ songs vary from straight blues (I heard a lot of Hendrix influence) he got the crowd going with “Train to My Heart,” a song off his second CD All Wound Up, that was recorded by British bluesman John Mayall.

Fields has shared the stage with the recently deceased Hubert Sumlin, best known as Howlin’ Wolf’s guitarist, and he did a very different, sort of sophisticated, rendition of Wolf’s “I Ain’t Superstitious.”

Then he turned tropical with a Reggae song from the upcoming CD and then back to loud, wah-wah pedal blues-rock that filled up the dance floor.

I was impressed with Fields’ musical dynamics, very soft, then very loud – reminiscent of Ronnie Earl.

There was some funk, soul, and a bit of country. Fields is quite versatile while all the while keeping an amusing rap going with the audience.

He mentioned a six-year-old son (sorry, ladies) a niece in West Bridgewater, and a young cousin named Jasper, about whom he has written a blues song. (“Wake up little Jasper/It’s time to go to school.”)

Besides playing blues, Fields has performed with U2 in their movie “Rattle and Hum” and previously worked with Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz, and Sean Lennon. Dave grew up in the music business. His father Sammy Fields was a well-known pianist, music producer, arranger and composer. (The elder Fields wrote the 50s hit “Who Wears Short Shorts?”

Along with the great music, Dante’s barbecue menu has expanded and improved. There are some new Cajun and Mexican entrées, and the dirty rice and beans are out of this world.

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