Lucky Peterson with Tamara Peterson

Lucky Peterson with Tamara Peterson
Live at the 55 Arts Club Berlin

Blackbird Music

By Lady K
May 2013

Lucky Lady K, for receiving this Lucky Peterson concert CD to review – so much music, in several forms. The Lucky Peterson Band distributed a full package with this release. In addition to 2 CDs there are also 3 DVDs. And as soon as Lady K attempts to ‘attach’ her old VCR/DVD player to her new TV – and if that works - she’ll watch the DVDs – more than once. The recordings were made over several nights, at the 55 Arts Club, Berlin, which was the first and last stop for the band on their European tour in 2012.

The players include Lucky Peterson (vocals, guitar, Hammond B-3/keyboards, songwriter), his spouse, Tamara Peterson (vocals and songwriter), Shawn Kellerman (guitars), Tim Waites (bass), and Raul Valdes (drums).

Because these are recordings from shows, there is original music by both Lucky and Tamara, and there are covers. A haunting version of “You Shook Me” and “I’m Ready” (with totally insane Hammond B-3 and long instrumental sections) provided the Willie Dixon segments. When I jotted notes (while dancing along), all that I wrote for Johnny “Guitar” Watson’s “Ta’ Ta’ You” was O-M-G (and that’s still my comment). “The World’s in a Tangle” (Jimmy Rogers) includes rocking music, and then duet segments with Lucky and Tamara, which are nearly a capella, and stunning. Lady K adores all things Robert Johnson and always loves hearing different artists include his music in their shows and recordings – “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom” did not disappoint.

Lady K’s favorite track on the CDs, and what she can’t wait to watch on the DVDs (if that works for her), is “Blues Medley.” Arranged by Lucky Peterson, it’s an instrumental, about 17 minutes long, with rocking electric blues and totally killer guitars. You’ll find that you have to dance, and, at the same time, play a little “Name That Tune” guessing game, picking out the tunes included in the medley (“Cold Shot” anyone?).

The bluesy, hip-swinging “How Do I, Why Do I” is a spicy, funky number that was penned by Tamara Peterson and Steven Washington, and vocalized by Tamara. It seems to me that the Petersons have come up with pretty cool way to split up the musical “chores.” It sounds as tho’ Lucky is the blues-ier partner, and Tamara brings the funk, and it’s all just so fun. “I Don’t Like You But I Love You” – new tune, old dilemma – and we’ve all been there, falling for someone that we just know is wrong for us.

“I Wanna Know What Good Love Is” (“make my dream a reality”), is the desire voiced in this sexy Tamara and Lucky duet; and in the rocking “Lost the Right” – old story – he done wrong, he lost his rights and now he’s losing his mind. “Real Music” is real music, real funky blues, and real kick-ass bass. And that sentence pretty much sums up the whole package.

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