Zac Harmon Right Man Right Now

By Lady K
January 2016

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Zac Harmon

Right Man – Right Now

Blind Pig Records, 2015

Zac Harmon (out of Mississippi) and his band have been together for a while - it’s the same great group that Lady K wrote about in her Music is Medicine review several years ago.

Zac and the band get rave reviews from all the right places. Blues Revue called Harmon ‘a masterful musician and performer of the blues’. Blues reviewer, Don Wilcox, referred to his “Bobby Blues Bland uptown sophistication with a touch of Freddie King guitar’.

The band includes Zac Harmon (vocals, lead, rhythm guitar, keyboards); Buthel (bass); Cedric Goodman (drums), Cory Lacy (keyboards). There are a whole slew of guests: Anson Funderburgh (guitar - one of Lady K’s faves when he performs and records with Mark Hummel); Lucky Peterson (organ); Bobby Rush (vocals and harp); and Mike Finnigan Organ). Additional musicians include: Christopher Troy (keyboards); B.R. Millon (rhythm and bass guitars); Gregg Wright (guitar); James “Hot Dog” Lewis (keyboards); Chef Deni (harp); Jimmy Z (harp and sax); Lavell Jones (drums); Dan Malouin (bass); Les Kepics (trumpet); and Chuck Phillips (tenor and baritone sax).

As for Right Man – Right Now, Harmon and the band have done it again – this is one helluva bluesy album. It contains two fantastic covers: “The slow blues talkin’ “I’m Bad Like Jesse James” (John Lee Hooker), and Milton Campbell’s “Ain’t No Big Deal On You”. All other tracks were penned by Harmon.

First off, Lady K would like to say, just for the record, that she loves Harmon’s smooth-as-silk seductive singing voice.

The first track will have you tapping your toes, or even up on your feet, dancing. “Raising Hell” (which includes Lucky Peterson’s stellar organ) is an up-tempo blues party: ‘Get behind us Satan ‘cause we’re ‘bout to raise some hell”. The slow “Ball and Chain” bemoans a bad love affair: ‘I’d rather be alone, “cause this one’s insane/This is my ball and chain.” “Hump in Your Back” is mid-tempo and intriguing; but Lady K (being ‘Lady K’), is not gonna share her take on the meaning of the title or the lyrics. You’ll have to listen and draw your own conclusions.

“Stand Your Ground” has a slooooow sexy guitar going on. The mid-tempo title song, “Right Man - Right Now” is a riot. A dude with a sense of humor comes up with reasons for the lady to choose him: ‘You want Mr. Perfect – maybe I’m not that close/But right now baby, I’m the man you need the most./Or you can spend the night with Oprah, watching TV.”

Lady K’s favorite track is the slow, groovin’ love song, “Feet Back on the Ground”. And her second fave is the up-tempo big blues of “Long Live the Blues” (“It’s in my blood, the Mississippi mud/Now let me tell ya long live the blues, the blues is here to stay./They ain’t gonna take it away.”

“Back of the Yards” is built on rockin’ guitar and organ – lots of both.

Right Man – Right Now ends with the up-tempo blues rocker “Good Thing Found”. The lyrics are catchy and new: ‘When a bad love is lost, and it’s gone, that’s a good thing found.”

Lady K thoroughly enjoyed Right Man – Right Now, and catching up with Zac Harmon and his band again. You will too.

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