Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots - Boom Town

By Lady K
September 2015

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According to band info, Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots are out of Memphis (and/ or Edgewater, Fla). Guess they spend time in both locales; although their tour schedule doesn’t seem to allow much time for hanging out at home (wherever that may be).

The players: Victor Wainwright (vocals, piano, organ), and the Wildroots: Stephen Dees (bass, electric and acoustic guitar, vocals); Billy Dean (drums, vocals); Nick Black (guitar, vocals); Terrence Grayson (bass, vocals); Patricia Ann Dees (tenor sax, vocals); Charlie DeChant (tenor and baritone sax); Ray Guiser (tenor sax); and Stephen Kampa (harmonica)

Boom Town is a healthy serving of some of Lady K’s favorite blues - down and dirty blues. The kind you want to hear when you’re having a night out with the gang and just want heavy-handed, sexy, loud, funky blues that’ll keep you drinking and dancing! Boom Town does just that. The album’s thirteen tracks are all originals – written by Wainwright or Dees, and several tracks were joint efforts between the two; and they are an enjoyable mix of blues (soulful and ‘roots-y.’)

There are a few instrumental tracks, which highlight Wainwright’s keyboard talents: “Piana’s Savannah Boogie” and “Wildroot Rumble” (indeed a wild and insane rumble, pitting piano and guitar against each other); the winner is the listener. “Wildroot Farm” features a bluesy vocal duet, with Patricia and Victor extolling the virtues of buying local: “vine-ripe tomatoes and Daddy’s sweet potatoes – our stew is second to none – Wildroot Farm – get it where the getting is good.”

The boogie-woogie “Two Lane Blacktop Revisited” is way too up tempo for dancing (in any dignified way) but it’s a prime drinking and listening tune.

Lady K’s favorite track is “The Devil’s Bite.” It’s bluesy and sexy. “Driven by her hunger to dominate her man / beware the devil’s bite – she’ll lead you to the table but you don’t have to eat / you’ll think you’re the guest, but find you’re the feast.”

Boom Town – try it; you’ll like it.

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