Feel These Blues

By A.J Wachtel
June 2015

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Feel These Blues 12 Tracks

By A.J. Wachtel

A while back, Slam lent his stinging guitar leads to Chicago Blues icon James Cotton's band; but his latest release has more of a Memphis Blues feel to it.

He has mastered B.B's riffs and Freddie King's shuffle timing, but the way he plays with and against John Ginty's organ and piano is Memphis all the way. Songs like "World Didn't Stop Turning" and "All Because Of You" showcase his B.B. influences and "You're Wrong", and "The Blues Is Back" have Freddie King written all over them.

But for real Memphis Soul listen to "When The Blues Come Around" and "Can't Break Away From That Girl"; which are great examples of '60's hi-octane Rock, Soul and Blues. Killer compositions "35 Miles Outside Of Memphis" and "In September" are melodies that could be in Booker T's catalog. Allen wrote all of the material and the only cover,

"Purple Rain" by Prince, is done in a blistering Memphis Blues style; and I like this version better. Listen and decide for yourself.

The rhythm section, Jeff Anderson on bass and Dan Fadel pounding the skins, drives the music on all the tunes. I really dig the way the screaming guitar mixes it up with the organ on all the cuts.

After hearing this cat's music; I can't wait to catch his energy live.


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