George McCann - Shades of Blue

By Lady K
September 2015

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Anyone following the blues music scene in New England is probably familiar with George McCann and his mesmerizing blues guitar prowess.

For years, George has played lead guitar in the James Montgomery Band. Now he’s dividing his time between James’ band and his own, and Shades of Blue is his first album. The band, in addition to George (writer, vocals, lead guitar) is Jack Bialka (bass,) Dave Limina (keyboards,) and Forrest Padgett (drums.)

What you’ll realize right from the start is that you’ve always been right about George and his guitar – totally rockin’ blues played in the best way. Then you’ll discover a few other things about George that you probably didn’t know. He can write music and lyrics, and George can sing.

It’s all good!

Shades of Blue has 7 tracks; five written by George McCann, with two terrific covers.

The five originals: “Yeah Man” is an up-tempo, rockin’ instrumental. “Shades of Green” is a slow instrumental, and beautiful. Even though the tune is titled as it is because Pete Green was McCann’s influence for writing it, listening brings visual ‘green’ to mind: Picture a rippling brook in a shady forest glade.

“Same Old Thing” is gentle rockin’ blues.

“Barnburner” (Definition: noun 1. Informal. Something that is highly exciting, impressive, etc. )

And that’s exactly what this tune is – a barnburner! It’s another instrumental – and a kick-ass up-tempo track.

“Young Woman’s Love” is mid-tempo and sexy: (“Late last night I went walking/ couldn’t see but just a bit/ seemed like a thousand years when a woman’s voice called my name.” “She said I walked beside you and I’ve seen all your pain/Just like a young woman’s love/ I came to show you how to love again.”)

So George writes lyrics – and he’s a romantic!

The covers: “This Is My Life” by Chick Willis is up-tempo, with great guitars and vocals so you’re probably gonna have to dance (or at least do a little head-boppin’.)

The last track on Shades of Blue is the second cover and it is Lady K’s favorite: “You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now,” by Joe Josea and BB King, is slow, sexy blues. An amazing version of the tune, it’s mostly instrumental, with George vocalizing at the beginning and the end, while his guitar cuts at your heart like a knife, along with Limina’s keyboard.

Thanks, George, for Shades of Blue.

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