Eric Sardinas and Big Motor - Boomerang

By Lady K.
December 2015

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Eric Sardinas and Big Motor

Boomerang JazzHaus Records, 2014

By Lady K

Sooooo, Eric Sardinas is a kick-ass rockin’ blues-man. Rumor has it that he’s been known to set his guitars alight during shows, and rumor has it that he once suffered a severe burn as a result. One hopes that burn heralded the end of his on-stage pyrotechnics. Lady K thinks it’s entirely possible that his guitars spontaneously ignite because of his hot playing style.

The players on “Boomerang” include: Sardinas (vocals, resonators, steel and acoustic resonators); Levell Price (bass, vocals); Bryan Keeling (drums, vocals); Dave Schulz (keyboards); Celine Cavin (harp); and Matt Gruber (background vocals).

The album includes two covers: “Trouble”, by Leiber and Stoller – yep, the same guys responsible for the original (pre-Elvis) version of “Hound Dog.” Sardinas’ re-do starts off slow and killer-sexy, and builds to an up-tempo rockin’ guitar-fest. It’s awesome. The second cover is a terrific version of Howlin’ Wolf’s “How Many More Years”. All other tracks were written by Eric Sardinas (with Matt Gruber the co-writer on “Run Devil Run”, which is an up-tempo rocker, heavy on drums).

The other original tunes include the title track, “Boomerang”, which is a big up-tempo rocker (‘you got me comin’, you got me goin’ - every time you throw me I come back for more - like a boomerang’). “Tell Me You’re Mine” is mid-tempo and full of great whine-y guitar, while “Morning Glory” is mid-tempo and highlights Price’s bass. “Heavy Loaded” is a short but effective tune – it’s way up-tempo and rocks: “don’t you get me heavy-loaded – if you get me heavy-loaded girl, I’ll unload on you.”

Lady K’s favorite track is the sexy swinger “Bad Boy Blues” which just oozes blues: he’s ‘just a bad boy – got trouble on my mind’. The rockin’ rollickin’ blues of “If You Don’t Love Me” beg ‘why don’t you let me go? Then you won’t have me knockin’ on your door no more.’

Sometimes you just ‘need’ some good old rockin’ and rollin’ heavy-duty blues. Sardinas and Big Motor can help . . .

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