The CD Woodbury Band

The CD Woodbury Band
Monday Night!

Wide Willie Productions, LLC, 2013

By Lady K.
June 2014

It was a pleasure to ‘meet’ the CD Woodbury Band. Out of Washington State, the band includes CD Woodbury (songwriter, guitar, lead and backup vocals); Don Montana (drums, lead and backup vocals); Mike Marinig (sax, percussion, lead and backup vocals); Chris Kliemann (keyboards and backup vocals); and Mike Fish (bass guitar)

All songs were written by the CD Woodbury Band. Lady K enjoyed this totally fun, packed with blues, album; all tracks have long instrumental sections, giving everyone a chance to shine – more than once. Hot piano blues make the up-tempo shuffle “Those Blues Keep Me Right Here” really interesting, with its long instrumental introduction. He knows he’s stuck in a relationship rut: ‘If I see that girl, I’ll try to get her back, but she’ll just hurt me some more / these blues won’t let me get away.’ The tune includes a subtle organ background, some killer piano and guitar instrumentals. The up-up-tempo “Mean Jenny” boogie extols the ‘charms’ of a backwoods bayou babe: ‘she gonna make you cry / make you wish that you’d die / she’d make an alligator cry’.

One of Lady K’s favorite tracks is “Pawn Shop”; it is slow blues to the max. A down-on-his-luck lament about rough times, and the need to take his Gibson 335 down to the pawn ship, because he’s ‘got $23 in the bank, the rent is due and gas tank is low.’ The absolutely insane guitar manages to make the tune even more tragic when you think he might have to sell it!! “Been So Long” is big-time rockin’ blues, with honky-tonk piano and killer sax, and vocals lamenting the loss of romance and passion in a relationship: ‘Babe, we couldn’t wait to be together / now you run away and hide.’

The title track, is all about funky party time. “Monday Night” is an up-tempo tune – one that gives Mike Fish a terrific chance to make his bass guitar the lead guitar at the intro. It’s all about the music – making any night a party night!! There are major big-band sounds emanating from “Pleasure’s All Mine”; including some magical, up-tempo hot piano. The track includes a sexy take on when, where and how ‘gigs’ are arranged: ‘I’ll do it again, all just for you / don’t mention it, the pleasure’s all mine.’

More big band sounds (especially the opening drum volley) ring in “Ring-A-Ding”, and the yummy, long instrumental parts let the lead guitar shine and stun, while the vocals add to the fun: ‘I got a little woman, she moves like jello on a spring / she’s my little ring-a-ding.’ In the funky “Burn the Bridge”, he wants to be sure the marriage is really over, so ‘watch that fire, let the flame go higher’ (to be sure to burn the bridge behind him)

“Two Wheels” is biker blues; it’ll make you feel the wind in your hair (and the bugs on your teeth) as he sings about riding over to pick up his girl on his ’69 cherry-red shovelhead. “SauBall Blues” is all about crazy sax, and food!!! In this final track, a mid-tempo blues rocker with insane sax and guitars, SauBall is a sausage and meatball sandwich (and hold the onion because he’s already all cried out). Thanks for the blues, CD Woodbury, and company.

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