Rick Welter

Rick Welter
I’m All Yours


By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
September 2009

Rick Welter is one cool and very smooth bluesman. Looking at the places he's called home, one must wonder if those characteristics could have been geographically acquired? He's a former New Yorker - that, of course would speak for the coolness, who has lived in Chicago - probably where he honed his blues skills, who now lives on the west coast - explaining his smoothness.

Now, although his photograph on the disc’s cover represents an expression similar to how “The Fonz” looked at himself in the mirror on “Happy Days,” my description is referring to his music.

I'm All Yours is cool, smooth, blues - musically and vocally - from beginning to end.

Along with Welter on guitar and vocals, the rest of the cast consists of: Tom Royer on drums and back-up vocals; John Neish on bass and back-up vocals; Steve Lindsay, also on bass; Jim Wallace on harmonica; Bradley Scott on percussion; and Dave Keefer on back-up vocals.

Put on your dancin' shoes when “Come On” comes on. There'll be no sitting still for this one. It's a fast one, beat and time wise, that will have you swingin'. Royer and Neish will provide you with all the rhythm you'll need for that. A nice 60-second guitar lead in the middle of this three-minute track is another highlight.

“I'm Sold On You,” one of several Welter originals, is a real smoothie. Along with Rick's soulful vocals, this one is highlighted by a great rhythm groove led by Royer, and very sharp harp leads by Wallace. Too bad he's only on two cuts.

“In The Wee Wee Hours,” is a hot one that might have you thinkin' Chuck Berry. It's just one of those kind of songs, musically and lyrically.

“It Just Ain't Right” is another of my favorites. Partly because it's the other track which features Wallace, a very talented harp player, as well as some of Welter’s fanciest, tone changing guitar work.

If your life's a little hectic and you just don't have the time for a tropical vacation, then you need a little “Mexicali Hipshake.” Start off by fixing yourself any kind of rum drink (leaving off the straw umbrella is OK,) then put this track on loud and walk out to your backyard. In no time at all you'll be looking for something to limbo under. This fun instrumental is all about great guitar and percussion work.

Other tracks on I'm All Yours include: “Fairchild,” “I Had A Talk With My Baby,” “Goin' Uptown,” “I'm All Yours,” “The Grind,” “My Love Is Strong,” “Rockin' Man,” and “I'm Gonna Forget About You.”

What I found interesting about this disc is, when it was over, I realized that although I hadn't heard a track that compelled me to hit replay, I still wound up replaying the whole disc several times. As I said earlier, I'm All Yours is cool, smooth, blues - musically and vocally - from beginning to end.

Editor’s Note: Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro of Florida is Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com. Check him out, and ladies, his partner has great jewelry for sale on the site.


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