Eddie Turner

Eddie Turner
Miracles & Demons

By Karen Nugent
August 2010

Hendrixesque blues rocker Eddie Turner, who started in the 90s as a member of Otis Taylor’s band, has released a third CD on Canada-based NorthernBlues Music. While the least bluesy of the three records, it’s got a modern edge, along with a real good funky track, to make it well worth a listen.

Turner’s psychedelic bent could be described as blues based, but the Cuban born and Chicago raised guitarist infuses his music with African-based rhythms, and a touch of Cuban spice. There are a lot of elements going on here.

Miracles & Demons was beautifully produced by keyboardist Kenny Passarelli, who was also in Taylor’s band and who adds depth to the 13-track disc on keys.

There are two versions of the title track, which I found the most Jimi-like.

“Say” is the funky cut, one of the best on the disc, along with “In the Morning,” a cool, jazzy number.

On “Blues Fall Down Like Rain,” Turner’s weeping guitar backs some heavy, solid lyrics (“Like a drunk in the morning, I’m blind to the misty sun.)

“Monkey See, Monkey Do” is a fun, danceable tune with a dash of humor.

Turner is not a new comer to the scene. He joined Taylor in 1995, and released his first CD, Rise, in 2005. That was followed by The Turner Diaries, which was got rave reviews, including from the Boston Blues Society. He was nominated in 2006 for a Blues Music Award for best new artist debut, and was named one of the top eight blues guitarists in 2008 by Guitar Edge magazine.

I asked Turner if he would be touring around these parts, and the bleak response was that he can’t seem to break in, although he has played at numerous festivals around the country.

Let’s hope he gets that break soon, because it will be worth it!



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