Walter Trout

Walter Trout
Common Ground

Provogue Records

By A.J. Wachtel
March 2011

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Common Ground is international blues virtuoso Walter Trout's 20th album and with his all-star band he bends his strings and genres and visits blues mixed with funk, rockabilly and hard rock and conquers them all with his inventive and screaming Stratocaster solos. Backed by drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, John Fogerty and Elton John), and bassist James “Hutch” Hutchinson and keyboardist Jon Cleary, both from Bonnie Raitt's band, and produced by John Porter, whose credits include John Lee Hooker, B.B.King and Carlos Santana, this audio gun is set to kill.

Trout's stints with Canned Heat in the early 80's and with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in the mid-80's serve as major influences on his sound today and his special blues/funk/rock/sonic creativity fusion is almost like Jeff Beck meets B.B. King; both the Hooker/Heat boogie and the more traditional blues songs possess a lot of quickly played notes, great use of the whammy bar and note-bending and screaming sounds that make Trout's latest musical endeavor a pleasure to listen to.

Put on “Her Other Man” or “Loaded Gun” with Trout playing Billy Gibbons playing Jimi, or the rockabilly “Hudson Had Help” with its driving beat and wailing guitar; and opening the project with the Canned Heat boogie of “May Be A Fool” sets the mood well. I would imagine that in concert this ensemble is a real biker's band and that there is a lot of leather in the crowd. TURN IT UP LOUD.

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