White Trash Blues Revival

White Trash Blues Revival
Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen!

Self Release

By Georgetown Fats
July 2013

There have been many complete re-writes of this review, but ultimately this reviewer keeps coming back to the opening phrase of notes on how to characterize the sound and style of blues that the White Trash Blues Revival create.

With their debut release. the White Trash Blues Revival have recreated those special moments of when this reviewer got their first drum set, got their first exposure to the greats like Howlin’ Wolf or John Lee Hooker, and got to go experience the musical ‘STOMP’…

By releasing Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen!, the White Trash Blues Revival have provided that reviewer a musical priapism which may not go away after 4-6 hours on its own. This is the blues, long before the matching bowling shirts became the norm, but also electrified those days when picking at a single string and creating percussion out of the closest flat surface available.

Kicking in with “She Don’t Care” Joe Dirt’s’ didley-bow work is impressive for both his tone and deft slide work is impressive on its own; it becomes more impressive when considering Joe probably rode his didley-bow to the studio. As the opening chugs along and percussionists Brenn Beck and Pete Dio lock in tightly with Jeff ‘Ando’ Anderson’s wash tub bass. Once the background droning blues takes that hypnotic turn, Evans growls out vocals his vocals. While still formulaic, “She Don’t Care” is wildly refreshing and representative of the remainder of the disk.

Kudos for the White Trash Blues Revival for including the between tracks banter on Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen!, it is hard not to appreciate the audio ‘peak’ into the recording experience.

On “Dimestore Salvation” seemingly has tucked away the one-string diddleybow for a something with a few more strings. With the live setting featuring a wearable trash drum set and audience participation, one I’m sure “Dimestore Salvation” is the part where the guys go ‘interact with the crowd’.

In the cartons and cartons of new releases coming out, with each press kit touting how their client is “the next big thing” or “the next blues chartreuse,” to hear actual musicians with some apparent woodworking skills creating treasure from that trash is a pleasure. Hopefully Now Honey, Now Baby, Now Listen! creates enough interest and buzz for a signing and a 2nd release. If this quartet of musical pirates can create so much greatness out of a first release, this reviewer is actively anticipating subsequent releases.

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