Throwdown Blues Band

Throwdown Blues Band
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

self published

By Lady K
July 2011

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This is, in fact, a review of the ThrowDown Blues Band’s newly-released CD; and NOT a review of the very same band’s recent debut gig at the INN on the Blues in York Beach, Maine. While Lady K was present at said debut, she was not asked to review the show – only the CD (because that’s what she does). Lady K will now attempt NOT to SCREAM about the F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C-ness of that live show that she’s not writing about, but will confess to being terrified that the CD couldn’t measure up to the quality and power of the show. It soooooooo does.

ThrowDown Blues literally “rocked my soul” at the first meeting, and once I finally (finally) stopped smiling about that – much later the following day – and listened to the CD, my soul remained “rocked!!!!” The ThrowDown Blues Band is a four-man rockin’ guitar-heavy blues music machine, manufactured with equal doses of talent. The“parts” include Skip Fischer (ruler of “drum world”); Eric Savoie (the multi-faceted vocalist and spokesman), Stan C (who channels the likes of Hendrix, Albert King and Gary Moore), and John Peresada (whose bass lights up the night - uh-oh; that would be “visual” info - not available on the CD).

One listen to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and you realize that the CD title is a misnomer – ain’t NO dogs sleepin’ anywhere nearby, if their humans are listening to this kick-ass blues collection. This music is NOT bubble-gum, white-bread stuff (no Hanson, no Wham “Wake Me Up Before ... “ or anything even remotely remotely bland on this CD). The band says “this is not your Daddy’s blues band” - and that’s putting it mildly. Of the nine tracks on the CD, only two are covers and they were perfect choices: Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Help Me” and a killer version of Hendrix’ “Voodoo Chile.”

The first two tracks, “Walkin’ Shoes” and “The Day Love Dies,” are terrific introductions to the talents of Eric. Both tunes mourn love-lost; sung with heartbreaky angst (ummm, make that very “manly angst”). “Walkin’ Shoes” is about love lost to booze, and being left with a “half-empty glass and a full-throated bottle of the blues.” He watches her in those walkin’ shoes, walkin out the door, regretting that the mo-jo ain’t workin’ as good as before. Damned booze!!

“Stan’s Boogie” is a tune with multiple personalities. While Skip and John maintain a steady, pulsing beat, keeping the tune completely danceable, their very percussive urging encourages Stan C to just kinda go off in multiple, amazing guitar directions, never allowing one the chance to get too comfortable with what he’s doing, before another personality grabs hold to further entrance listeners. (“Stan’s Boogie” is an instrumental, so this is where Eric grabs a beer – if it’s a live show, and not a CD. Hell he probably grabbed a beer while the tune was being recorded too.) By the way, Stan C is scary-fantastic.

One of the really special (among many) things about Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is that all the tunes are great; I don’t believe there is one “but” or “however” in this review. Lady K was shocked and surprised when she realized what her favorite tune was/is!! A quick scan of the tune titles before playing the CD didn’t prepare her for the strength of “Dogs of War.” Obviously a title that is a tad off-putting, as it brings to mind the novel by Frederick Forsyth, and the movie that followed, starring Christopher Walken and Tom Berenger – war book, war movie, and now a tune that proclaims “The dogs of war are gods no more.” AND it’s a love song. AND its sound is super-reminiscent of war protest songs from the ‘60s and ‘70s. AND it sounds like like psychedelic blues – blues on LSD – amazing and fun. The music makes ya want to laugh out loud, and then to scream out loud (right along with Eric).

If this were about a live show, Lady K would mention that the dance-floor was packed for the entire show – if this weren’t about the CD. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – gonna be at the top of my play-list for a long time.

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