Melvin Taylor

Melvin Taylor
Taylor Made

Melvin Taylor Productions

By Lady K
November 2013

Melvin Taylor is known for his grasp of blues, rock, jazz, funk, and for how he conveys those genres in his guitar-playing. Taylor Made will not disappoint – it’s all there; the blues, the rock, the jazz, the funk, and that guitar . . . (Must suck to be the record store clerk trying to decide where this CD should be displayed in a store.)

Melvin Taylor (lead/rhythm/bass guitar, vocals) is accompanied by Rick Jones (keyboard); Bernell Anderson (co-writer and vocals on “Heartache”); and Lou Dupont (drums). Taylor wrote 5 tracks and there’s one cover of Isaac Hayes’ “Do Your Thing.” This is a short CD, but Lady K was mesmerized for the whole 24 minutes.

The guitar intro makes you sit up and listen on the very first track. “Whenever I See You” is bluesy, jazzy, with a funky guitar, and Melvin Taylor’s sexy vocals – and his guitar pretty much ‘sings’ right along with him. “Whenever I see you, it feels like the first time we met” – oh so romantic! On the jazzy instrumental “Blue Moon,” Taylor lets his guitar do the singing. And “Time Out” provides more funky, jazzy fun, with Rick Jones’ organ in the lead. And then there is Isaac Hayes’ “Do Your Thing” – a funky, rockin’ version with the instruments again taking the place of human vocalizing – admirably – the music is terrific.

Lady K’s favorite track is “Heartache.” It’s up-tempo, with the organ grabbing attention in the beginning and then turning the lead over to Taylor’s killer guitar. Bernell Anderson vocalizes: “Try to be good to you, don’t know what else to do / All you ever bring me is heartache.” The track ends instrumentally with mesmerizing keyboard and guitar.

So, picture yourself – alone or with someone special – on a beach somewhere, after a long day in the sun, with a drink in hand (Lady K will have a Bombay and tonic please), and you are watching the sky as the sun sets. What music would you choose to listen to, during this magical moment? Try Melvin Taylor’s “Beneath the Sunset” – a jazzy instrumental that will, indeed, enhance the experience.

Taylor Made– it isn’t all blues, but it’s all great!!!!

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