Tall Paul Band

Tall Paul Band


By Lady K
January 2013

The Tall Paul Band is named for its leader. Pictured on the back of the CD, he’s a biker-dude, shown pulling away on a Harley, wearing a Harley vest, with long-ish hair, a bandana, earring, tats, electric guitar slung on his back - what’s not to like? Yeah, Lady K couldn’t think of anything either . . . . Tall Paul Webner, who was born in Canada and raised in Washington, D.C. is the songwriter, lead guitar , harp player and lead vocalist; the rest of the band is Kevin Heiderman (bass and vocals) and Les Merrihew (drums), although on some tunes, the bluesin’ rock sound just seems much bigger than three guys.

Most of the tunes on Sleeper were written by Tall Paul, with the exception of Ike Turner’s shuffling “Matchbox” and “Come to Papa” (a gender change from Koko Taylor’s “Come to Mama” results in a grittier/sexy blues number); and bassist Kevin Heiderman added his own “199 Days” to the set list.

The title song, “Sleeper,” in addition to Webner’s insane guitar, includes come-hither lyrics: “Come on back to my house, and let me show you why I’m your sleeper and you’re my keeper.” The instrumental rocking, rollicking “Space Race” includes some eerie space-age sounds that could/should be used in some upcoming sci-fi flick about travel to another universe – very cool. Another instrumental, “Don’t Leave,” is reminiscent of (long, long ago) the Ventures’ “Telstar” sound and since that was a great tune, “Don’t Leave” catches your attention because it is also different and good.

“Ridin” is built on some yummy guitar, a really intense instrumental mid-section, and a whole lot of humor. “Built my bike out of sticks and stones, it’s not much but it’s all I own. I just need to weld this wood; Elmer’s Glue might be good. I just need to rest my head. I’m aging really, but I’m not dead.” Track 6, “That’s for Sure,” is a sexy, hip-swinging bluesy tune, vowing eternal love and adoration: “Got to have you baby, that’s for sure, and I love you baby, that’s for sure / your touch when you caress, thrills me to the core / I love all you’re doing, I’ll do all I can / I’ll do anything you want, I’ll always be your man.” Did Lady K say “sexy?” You bet!!!!

“199 Days” is a terrific blend of rock and roll and blues and a long distance promise of a helluva reunion!!! “In 199 days, I’ve thought of a 199 ways to make love to my baby / I was sad to be gone, when I told my baby so long. Every night while I was away I thought of one more way to make love to my baby.” “Goin Back Home” is kind of a real old-fashioned rockin’ blues love song with lots more insane guitar: “Goin back home, ridin on this plane, gotta see my baby, ‘fore I go insane / when I get back home, I’ll sing this little song, then I’ll rock my baby, rock her all night long.”

Sleeper and the Tall Paul Band will not put any listeners to sleep – electric rockin’ blues fans will be rockin’ right along with the band – Lady K promises!

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