Dudley Taft

Dudley Taft
Deep Deep Blue

Taft Enterprises LLC

By Lady K
August 2013

Lady K loves some rockin’ guitar blues, and coincidentally, Dudley Taft has some rockin’ guitar blues!! Out of North Carolina, Dudley Taft provided the guitar, vocals and songwriting for Deep Deep Blue. He was backed up by John Kessler (bass), Eric Robert (keyboards), Chris Leighton (of Double Trouble fame), Scott Vogel and Jason Patterson (drums), and Ashley Christensen (backup vocals)

So, in addition to his insane guitar, Dudley Taft penned most of the tunes on Deep Deep Blue, with the exception of some totally well-done covers: Bob Dylan’s “Meet Me in the Morning;” “Sally Can’t Dance” by Lou Reed, and Freddie King’s “Palace of the King.”

“The Waiting” is an up-up tempo, nasty-good rockin’ guitar number. Evidently the relationship has cooled and she’s been keeping him waiting too long. They had it all, but now it’s gone: “I’m done waiting for you, my time’s wasted, Lord knows I’m through.”

Lady K’s favorite is the title-song, “Deep Deep Blue” – a slow-slow sexy-plaintive guitar blues, with a long, insane instrumental mid-section – makes you want to close your eyes to listen (don’t attempt this while driving a car). It’s a love song, about love lost. He’ll “Pull myself together, close my eyes and think of you / fly my soul up the mountain, lost in the sky’s deep, deep blue.”

There’s more up-tempo, rockin’ guitar in “Feeling Good Now.” He’s been missing her; when she left, he spent lots of time just looking out the window, but he’s better now: “Feel all right, I don’t need you babe, tonight / feeling good now.” The mid-tempo track “Wishing Well” might take some explaining to younger blues fans (does anyone even have wishing wells anymore?). “Some will go to test their fate, others go to claim their stake; some come to listen, and some to tell, some find heaven, some find hell – I think I’ll just rest a spell. Show me baby how you feel, down by the wishing well.”

The rollicking up-tempo “Satisfy You” is just fun to listen to. And, ladies, it sounds like this guy is the answer to every woman’s dream: “I won’t dry your tears, but I can make all your troubles disappear – I want you to use me – any place, any time - I want to satisfy you.” And he plays killer guitar!!!

Rocking blues – yes; crazed guitar – yes; danceable – yes. All good – yes!

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