Matthew Stubbs

Matthew Stubbs
Medford & Main

Blue Bella Records

By Georgetown Fats
March 2010

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Singer/songwriter Dennis Brennan sums up Matthew Stubbs perfectly in the liner notes to the guitarist's latest CD, saying, “I’m here to celebrate Matthew Stubbs. Also a poet, but he uses a guitar instead of a pen.”

On Medford & Main Stubbs provides eleven soul-drenched roots & blues guitar instrumentals, but by no means are any of them just background music. On all tracks Stubbs, complimented perfectly by Sax Gordon’s understated horn arrangements, forsakes superfluous lick-orientated material for well-orchestrated compositions.

The title track, “Medford & Main” could be the score to any beach blanket movie. “Pistol Whip” is sure to recall countless car race scenes from any greaser movie. “Tube Top Temptation,” which has been a crowd pleaser when performed live, could certainly be a score to any classic cartoon for scenes when the main character is feeling amorous.

Quite simply, Stubbs and Gordon should have lucrative careers scoring movies or providing the music for interactive art exhibits.

Stubbs’ last release Soul Bender charted for 20 weeks on the roots & blues charts. Released on Nick & Kate Moss' boutique Blue Bella label, Medford & Main should continue to garner Stubbs critical acclaim. With a distribution plan of release to 450-500 radio stations, expect the material on Medford and Main to easily surpass this impressive accomplishment as well as garner Stubbs crossover appeal on college radio and the jam band scene.

Those looking for a copy before the drop date should check catch one of Stubbs’ many CD release parties scheduled throughout New England, or try Stubbs on the 170 other days he spends at his ‘other job’ as road guitarist for Charlie Musselwhite.

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