Volker Strifler

Volker Strifler
Let The Music Rise

Vizztone - B006TXDQ7G

By Jay Scheffler
April 2012

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Volker Strifler is probably best known as the OTHER guitarist in Robben Ford’s band. On this new album, Volker steps into the spotlight and distinguishes himself quite handily as an artist in his own right.

Let The Music Rise is full of surprises like the New Orleans style horns of the opening number “Going to Brownsville.” The lurching rhythm of this piece is very unique and lets you know you’re in for something different. Throughout the album, Volker uses several stylistic settings to color his songs.

If you dig blues guitar but don’t want to hear another shred-fest, this might be the record for you. Volker puts the songs and arrangements out front. When he does solo, it’s often a pleasant melodic diversion between verses rather than the whole show. Volker plays with a perfect blend of fire and restraint, not needing to say it all with each solo.

We already knew he was a uniquely talented guitarist. On “Let The Music Rise”, he shows himself to be an equally impressive songwriter, singer and arranger.

I would recommend this album to blues guitar fans as well as blues guitarists.

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