RB Stone

RB Stone
Lonesome Traveler's Blues

Middle Mountain/Lonesome Roads Records

By Ms. Marci
July 2011

If you've never heard of RB Stone, let me introduce you to him through his latest CD, "Lonesome Traveler's Blues." This recording has ten well performed cuts, all penned by RB Stone. He is a fine singer, guitarist, harmonica player, but most of all, a wordsmith! His lyrics have the kind of depth that you'll only hear from someone writing from experience....either personal or from a close association. I must add that his voice backs up every word he says and every note he sings. Some may say he sounds country. I say it's "country blues!" His voice has substance characteristic of the music he plays. There is also a great deal of skill in his guitar playing, whether it's electric or acoustic. He also plays a cajon (pronounced "cahone") ... a Peruvian percussion instrument that some call a slap box. He is backed by a well tuned (pardon the pun) bunch of musicians, Glen Kuykendall on acoustic/electric National guitar, Billy Crain on acoustic/electric guitar, Jared "Jay" Palmer on bass guitar, Ed Adkins on upright bass, and Spencer Strand and David Sappington on drums.

The first cut, "Mississippi Woman," is up-tempo and serves as a welcome mat, featuring RB's acoustic harp playing. He has a style that is similar to "double yodeling!" It's VERY unique.

There are several cuts on this disc that are note worthy (again, pardon the pun), but I will highlight what stood out to me. His way with words varies from witty to cutting. The song, "Man With A Mini Van" humorously boasts that there's no shame in a man driving a mini van ... if he knows what to do with it and how to follow through with those plans. "I'm a man with a mini van ... Ain't nothin' wrong with that and all the ladies seem to understand."

Then, we hear a different angle in "The Devil's Satisfied." The words cut like a knife as he sings of the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. Speaking about cocaine, he says, "Your nose is the highway for the hell you feel inside!" Honestly, I could quote the entire song, or the entire disc for that matter, as an example of his lyrical skills, but I would rather you just buy this CD and hear it for yourself. Just buy it. You won't be sorry!

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