Ian Siegal And The Mississippi Mudbloods

Ian Siegal And The Mississippi Mudbloods
Candy Store Kid

Nugene Records

By Lady K
April 2013

So, you say you like the blues? All blues? Not sure which blues you favor - Delta blues, funky blues, soulful blues, rockin’ blues? Take a listen to Candy Store Kid (so named because Brit Ian Siegal felt like the proverbial “kid in a candy store” when he headed to Mississippi and gathered the talent together to create Candy). Listeners will have the same reaction - not knowing which tracks are your favorites (and there WILL be more than one favorite) – because all of this “candy” has been created with the very best ingredients. THAT’s what Ian Siegal and the Mississippi Mudbloods have put together here - something for everyone. Lady K is now in serious fan-land – she kept listening to this CD, but forgetting that she was also meant to be writing about it.

Ian Siegal (writer, vocals, guitar) knew what he was doing when he rounded up a very impressive group of incredibly talented players – he got the Mississippi Mudbloods: Cody Dickinson (drums, percussion, keyboards, guitar); Luther Dickinson (guitar, mandacello, bass); Alvin Younblood Hart (guitar, bass, vocals); Garry Burnside (guitar, bass, vocals); Lightnin’ Malcolm (vocals); plus Stefanie Bolton, Sharisse Norman, and Shantelle Norman (vocals).

Candy Store Kid contains only two covers: “Bayou Country” (Bardwell/Veitch) and “Green Power” (HB Barnum). The remaining tracks were written by Siegel, Lightnin’ Malcolm (“So Much Trouble”), and Burnside (“Strong Woman”), with one collaboration between Siegel and Luther Dickinson (“Kingfish”). The utterly professional, hypnotic musicality of this album isn’t easy to describe; every listener will hear different elements that grab them (or kick them in the gut), or make them want to dance or play some killer air-guitar. The music is fantastic, the arrangement of the music is genius, and also a challenge for a non-musician to write about in any intelligent manner.

“Loose Cannon” is an uptempo tune about every average guy’s “fantasy,” that he can be all things to all people (a superhero), while describing the superstar using every possible cliche?: “ I’m an un-kissed frog, the whole hog, Napoleon, china-shop bull, golden fleece” – to name just a very few. “I Am the Train” has the hero seeing himself as the train “crossing dusty plains - not the station, not the stars, the train;” he sees all, feels all, and soaks in all of the rhymes and reasons for why the world is as he/we see it. Siegal has a scary-quirky way of looking at and writing about everyday stuff and making ya stop and think about it all – combined with kick-ass, killer blues music.

“So Much Trouble” (in the World So Far) is Lightnin’ Malcolm’s contribution - a mid-tempo track with background vocals by the talented ladies, giving the tune a choir effect. “Kingfish” is the Delta sounding, super bluesy collaboration between Dickinson and Siegal. Burnside’s bass rules on this tune, and makes you not worry (too much) about the description of the gory killing of the kingfish by the rooster!!!

One of Lady K’s favorite tunes is “The Fear” which is a perfect showcase for Siegal’s compelling voice, and the somewhat spooky back-up vocals that kind of whisper, like a conscience. Lyrics are soul-searching and gripping: “the fear in your heart and the fear in your soul / the fear is it’s all spilling out of control / how does it end?”

Lady K also loved the funkiness of “Hard Pressed (what da fuzz?)”: “You’d be hard-pressed to find another man like me, so full of confidence, but I’m so insecure / cold as the morning, I’m as warm as the night.” Yummy!!!

Go listen!

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