Jeff Norwood

Jeff Norwood
Lord Help

Appalachia Burning

By Elliott Morehardt
June 2012

After Jeff Norwood's critically acclaimed Push Pil'in came out last year, we were all eager to hear Jeff's new project. The current EP release, Lord Help, came out at a most poignant and sad moment in Jeff's life. After many arduous years on the road, Jeff took some time off to heal some wounds and appeared to be on the mend. Just as Lord Help was to be released, we were all shocked to hear of a medical complication that suddenly ended Jeff's life.

Jeff was a real artist, and part of his genius was to bring each listener into his personal life in a very intimate warm way. One couldn't help but like Jeff with his soft spoken humility and deep passion for his music. Lord Help takes that intimacy even further. The 5-song EP starts with the title song, a rousing Jessie May Hemphill gospel piece, on which he is joined by old band mate and friend, David Middleton. On "One Drink," Jeff performs solo with a particularly somber acoustic version of this touching song about saying goodbye to passed friends. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Jeff join up with old friends, Jimmy Frost, David and Bob Wilson on the other songs. Jimmy's fine harmonica is all too well suited to this farewell recording for our dear friend.

Jeff would be very pleased to see continued support for his music and fellow musicians. Jeff's first solo recording, Awendaw is stellar, and Push Pil'in no doubt is his seminal work. But no collection of Jeff's music is complete without this extra personal piece of beautiful music, Lord Help.

Copies can be ordered at Appalachia Burning. All proceeds go to Jeff Norwood's surviving family.

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