Gary Moore

Gary Moore
Blues for Jimi

Eagle Records

By Lady K
March 2013

So . . . for fans of bad-ass electric guitar blues, October 25, 2007 would have been a great day to be in London and to have a ticket to the Hippodrome Theater. That was where and when the first showing of the DVD entitled “The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Live at Monterey” took place. Not only did attendees see a kick-ass film, but there was also an interesting live show at the end of the viewing.

That was the date that Gary Moore did a show now entitled “Blues for Jimi.” Yeah, Gary Moore playing Jimi’s blues – must have been a helluva night to be there and see it live. Luckily, a CD of that very concert dropped in 2012; it’s an amazing work of music (Lady K can’t stop listening). Adding to Moore’s tribute to Hendrix that night were Dave Bronze (bass) and Darrin Mooney (drums), and what those three guys did was unforgettable (Lady K promises).

It’s no secret that Gary Moore included Hendrix in his personal hall of heroes, so he was the perfect choice to provide the entertainment after the screening of the Hendrix film. There’s plenty of Gary in the music, but plenty of Jimi too. Gary spent his life learning from his idols and it’s clear what he took from Jimi – it’s all there. The track selection is all Hendrix: “Purple Haze,” “Manic Depression,” “Foxy Lady,” and “I Don’t Live Today.” In “I Don’t Live Today,” Mooney’s drums are absolutely insane, and the tune ends with a totally, maniacally ecstatic finale - it’ll have you throwing your hands in the air, or pulling at your hair, perhaps screaming along with the guitars, from the utter joy.

And then, almost as if to settle things down and calm the hearts a bit, the only non-Hendrix tune performed that night was a solo instrumental, written by Gary Moore. “My Angel” is only 53 seconds, but it is HUGE. That brief, but emotional interlude is followed by Jimi’s own “Angel” and a mesmerizing “Fire.”

After “Fire” things got even more interesting, when Bronze and Mooney left the stage and Moore was joined by a couple of guys who just happened to be in the house to see the film screening (because they were in the film). From the Jimi Hendrix Experience (yes, really), Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox!!!!! Cox and Mitchell had spent some time the previous night practicing a bit with Moore, so Cox took lead vocals on an 11+ minute “Red House” and the three also collaborated on “Stone Free” and “Hey Joe” – their favorite Hendrix tunes - pretty killer on this CD (Moore excels as a stand-in).

An exemplary “VooDoo Child” is the last track on the disc, with Bronze and Mooney rejoining Gary Moore on stage. Blues for Jimi is a tribute to both Jimi Hendrix and Gary Moore. We can’t hear what the two of them are playing now that they are together in Guitar Heaven, but we can listen to the CD and imagine. Go listen!

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