David Maxwell & Louisiana Red

David Maxwell & Louisiana Red
You Got to Move

Bluemax Records – Vizztone Label Group

By Mike Mellor
December 2009

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Talk about form following function.

The premise is simple. David Maxwell brings Louisiana Red (Iverson Minter) into a studio with no set plans. A partition with a small window is built between them so they can see each other's faces, but not each other's hands. Winking and nodding, they guide each other through songs in traditional blues styles.

Make no mistake, this is an album for music lovers, and traditional blues fans especially. It is clean and elegant in its simplicity; just two great players playing for the sake of it, just as you would meet a good friend for lunch or host a card game at your house. It seems that natural and effortless.

Its sound is testament to knowledge and experience, which both men have in spades. Maxwell, who also produces, is clearly trying to keep the focus on Louisiana Red, his style, his talent and his personal narrative. He does a lot of gentle persuading to get Red to open up, both musically and in storytelling. What results is something that’s simultaneously a living historical document, a blues workshop and an enduringly listenable record.



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