Bruce Marshall Group

Bruce Marshall Group
Misspent Youth

ATM Records

By A.J. Wachtel
May 2010

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Everything a listener expects to hear from veteran performer Bruce Marshall's sixth and latest CD, Misspent Youth, is clear and prominent. Every composition on the CD has a great melody, intelligent lyrics and a first-rate delivery. Bruce's superb finger-picking guitar playing catches your ear on every melody.

Whether he's playing the acoustic folk blues of “Slave To My Senses” and “There Go I” (the first and last songs on this project), or the varied and more electric performances on the middle ten tunes, all recordings sound crisp and memorable. Each arrangement has the aural consistency, in the bigger picture, of being recognizable as coming only from this incredibly talented individual. Even the songs like “Blues In The House” and “Conscience As My Witness.” two straight B.B. King-inspired performances, still bear the Marshall imprint as does every other offering on this well-balanced mix of different blues sounds.

Whether he's using an electric or acoustic guitar, Marshall has an instinctive pop feel, and sometimes the strength of the song isn't in what notes he plays, but rather in what tones he doesn't play. This sound is all his own and that's a very good thing; this is a strong CD from a consummate local professional. Misspent Youth illustrates why Marshall was selected and sent by the BBS to represent Boston at The International Blues Challenge.

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