Lisa Mann

Lisa Mann
Lisa Mann

self published

By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
August 2010

The amount of good blues music coming out of the top left corner of the United States is unfathomable.

The newest CD in the ever growing list of submissions I'm receiving from the Pacific Northwest is a self titled disc from Lisa Mann. Like her neighbors before her, Lisa is quite impressive. Joining Lisa are names you may remember from the Insomniacs.

Due to being vaccinated with a Victrola needle, Lisa is “Hooked On Rock And Roll.” With a title like that you'd expect this one to be a smoker and that's exactly what it is.

Although the lyrics find her asking for one, there's no way Lisa needs a “Helping Hand” on this track. Her voice is so strong, so commanding and so soulful that this one could have been sung a cappella and still been outstanding. Having said that, I'm glad it wasn't, there are phenomenal organ and saxophone leads.

On “Little Sister,” Lisa gets to feature one of her other talents - amazing bass. With her leading the way, the trio gets a fine, funky rhythm going.

Unless Alvin and the Chipmunks do it (which would be a sacrilege), I doubt I'll ever hear a version of “At Last” - the most beautiful song ever written - that I won't like. Lisa's rendition is flawless. She uses one of the slower, softer and sultrier styles I've heard. Although she nails it, even the crescendo never seems to be a strain. On this solo effort, Lisa's skilled use of a six string bass serves up the impression that there's a three piece combo backing her up. Great work, maestro.

Over the past year or so, I've heard some very good work coming some from very good lady blues artists whom I think may be ready to break out of that “local-regional” area mold. I've just added Lisa Mann to the list. When you're a good writer, a good musician, a good singer - and of course being good looking never hurts either, your time is sure to come. Lisa's time is soon....very soon.

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