E.G. Kight

E.G. Kight
A New Day

Blue South Records BSR 0914

By Georgetown Fats
September 2014

Hailing from Georgia, but with plenty of international touring under her belt, E.G. Kight is a known commodity within the contemporary blues circles. With plenty of Blues Awards nominations and Blues Blast Award nominations the combination of radio friendly music with an unstrained liveliness to her vocals, there is a lot to appreciate. Certainly enough to expect bigger and better for 2014/15 and beyond.

Kicking off A New Day with “Holdin’ On” Kight and company do blues adage of ‘life being hard’ but Kight’s grace helps raise the band to her level. As much as I wanted to thumb my nose at opening A New Day with a slow tune heavy on cliche, I found myself singing along to the choruses by just the second listen.

Kight kicks the metronome up on “Lets Get Down”, to produce a very credible blues rocker. Drummer Gary Porter and bassist Larry Fountain lock in on guitarist Ken Wynn’s four bar guitar lead and provide Kight with a perfect foundation to show that she may be a blues singer, but Kight can rock out too with her blues contemporaries.

While she may be from Georgia, on “Low Mileage Woman” Kight shows her New Orleans influences. Over a slowed down ‘Second Line groove’ Kight pumps out plenty of sass and gravitas to have the soccer mom crowd taking “Low Mileage Woman” on as their anthem.

While not of my personal tastes, there is a lot to respect and appreciate here on A New Day. With eight previous nominations for the Blues Awards and the Blues Blast Awards there will be no surprise to this reviewer when A New Day pushes Ms. E.G. Kight over the edge from nominee to award winner.

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