E.G. Kight

E.G. Kight
Lip Service

VizzTone Label

By David Hayward
October 2011

Like a tall, cool gin and tonic on a hot afternoon, E.G. Kight’s Lip Service is country and blues mixed just right for a refreshing break from the standard fare of sweaty urban blues. Ms. Kight and her rock-solid crew deliver 12 cuts with swagger, humor and swing.

In her prime, she’s got a subtle twang, a bit of grit and a gentle vibrato. And the fact that she’s at the core on rhythm guitar and lead vocals makes this an especially sturdy sound: the beat, the accents, the stops, the solos and the hits are all tightly knitted with the lyrics. This is meat-and-potatoes music equally good for rocking in your car, your living room or the roadhouse. The studio recording’s up-front fidelity, high energy openers and dynamics throughout are worthy of a live performance.

“Sugar Daddies” starts the show with a southern guitar, harmonies, piano, sax and tambourine-driven dance tune. Lines like “They’re giving cultured pearls to their uptown girls instead of diamonds and new Cadillac’s” lament the state of nation’s economy with a smirk. “I’m In It To Win It” (love, that is) cranks it up more with horn-infested funk. Taking a breather, “That’s How a Woman Loves” is a sensitive, instructional ballad that ebbs and flows about what really matters to the fairer sex. Then she jacks up the heat again with “Lip Service,” the sassy title cut about hot times with cheatin’ Casanovas.

With eight more southern-flavored tunes — torch song balladry, swamp and down home blues — E.G. Kight gives you a woman’s point of view about forbidden, forsaken and everlasting love. She’s a convincing story teller about what it’s like to have been around the block a few times. But she does it with a wink and is too savvy to wear her heart upon her sleeve.

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