Candye Kane featuring Laura Chavez

Candye Kane featuring Laura Chavez
Coming Out Swinging

Vizztone B00CPSVAC2

By Ms. Marci
August 2013

There is nothing pretentious here with the title of this disc. You load this CD into your player and POW, the title track comes swingin' in! It starts with Fred Rautmann on the drums, pounding out a contagious "Caravan" like beat followed by the extremely talented Laura Chavez on guitar. Then the horns come in with vigor. If you don't find yourself moving, at least in your seat, something's wrong. (I'd check for a pulse.) By the way, there is a tasty little treat of a solo from most everybody in the line-up.

It's amazing that with all that Ms. Kane has endured in the last few years, that she can sing at all. She defeated Pancreatic cancer not once, but twice!! You wouldn't know it, though, from the strength of her voice. The positive vibe on the disc is amazing! Most of the songs on this disc were penned by Ms. Kane and Laura Chavez, with the exception of tracks 2, 9, 11, and 13, and track 7, which was penned solely by Candye Kane. The common thread is the up-beat and often humorous attitude on this disc. I could write a book about this recording. Every cut is worth a chapter. It's SO delicious!

Track 2, "Rock Me To Sleep," was written by Benny Carter and has a unique intro and sweet sentiment. I can picture a ballroom dance floor filled with smiling swing dancers, twirling around. The next tune, "I'm The Reason Why You Drink" (Kane/Chavez) is a rollicking "up-town" shuffle, guitar and bass in perfect sync. Listening to the words, I can imagine an "AL-ANON" meeting in the future, lol! Once again, Ms. Chavez offers up a fine solo, followed by the equally talented Sue Palmer on keys!

Now for something a little different on track 4. "When Tomorrow Comes" has an old style R&B groove, as does "Rise Up!", but each with their own flavor. Both are penned by Kane/Chavez. The next cut, "Invisible Woman," takes it down and low, relating to the angst of feeling out of place in society ... the person who is bullied, but wants to feel "seen" as the worthwhile person they are. Aah, but the next song, Ms. Kane comes back with her composition, "You Ain't All That!" An attitude that could help any down-trodden to stand up for themselves.

Ms. Chavez struts her rockabilly bad self on guitar in "I Wanted You To Walk," with licks that I'm certain made Gene Vincent sit up in his grave and salute! Candye's vocals fall into place seamlessly with the style of this song.

We go into a stroll in "Darling Baby," a Holland/Dozier/Holland composition that Candye makes her own. Then it's time to jump up ... again! Laura tears it up in "Barbed Wire Mouth!" Candye channels her inner rockabilly/punk on this one. She changes her voice so much in this song, that I wasn't sure it was her.

Rick Estrin penned cut 11, "What Love Can Do," a soulful, slow stroll, that once again, Candye sings as though it was her own composition. Organist Leo Dombecki pours his heart out in his solo. Then ... it's rumba/swing time with this playful bi-lingual, English/French (Kane/Chavez) "Au Rumba Y'll" (good bye, y'all) She throws in a little Spanish "adios"... just to punctuate the end of the song. But that's not the end of this adventure in music. The last cut, en Espanol, "Marijuana Boogie" written by Lalo Guerrero ends this CD on a jump-swing note and some fine solos from guitarist Laura Chevez and some yummy boogie woogie tickling of the ivories by pianist Sue Palmer. This disc is just plain tasty. Well ... what are you waiting for? Go buy it...NOW!

GUITARS; Laura Chavez
BASS; Kennan Shaw, Thomas Yearsley
ORGAN; Leo Dombecki
TRUMPET; Bill Cabalero
TROMBONE; April West
PIANO; Sue Palmer
HARMONICA; Billy Watson
VOCALS; Candye Kane, Casey Hensley

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