Delta Generators

Delta Generators
Hard River to Row

Self release

By Georgetown Fats
February 2011

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Though the Delta Generators have done all of the musical leg-work, and have spent countless nights tearing up stages all around New England, it is hard for those of us at the Boston Blues Society not to crow over their recent accolades. After winning the 2009 Boston Blues Challenge and representing The Boston Blues Society at the International Blues Challenge, the Delta Generators are back with their sophomore release and their debut full-length CD. They’re back, and they’re representing the Boston Blues Society at the Challenge. Hard River to Row, currently in the Top Five for the “Best Self-Produced CD” portion of the 2011 International Blues Challenge, contains 14 original tracks of their brand of high energy blues/rock made up of Memphis soul, Louisiana funk, and classic rock 'n' roll.

The Delta Generators book-end Hard River to Row with two versions their title track, “Hard River to Row.” Both versions bring a little something different to the table. On the opening version of “Hard River to Row,” vocalist and harpist Craig Rawding showcases his rock ‘n’ roll vocal chops with a hard driven back beat by drummer Jeff Armstrong. On the last track, titled “Hard River Blues,” Charlie O’Neal’s slide work illustrates that he must have ingested some mud in the water on the banks of Worcester County and Rawding lays down some seasoned and understated harp work.

On “Someday,” which seems to be about taking a moment for yourself and checking out of the rat race albeit temporarily, the Delta Generators offer up a ballad worthy of the AAA-Radio airwaves. With its pop-sensible melodies and big choruses, if not destined for adult album alternative-radio, then there is surely a future for this song in a summer movie soundtrack.

With “Reverend’s Daughter,” the Delta Generators offer up a bawdy tale of a girl just over the hill. Though the topic is a standard for most blues acts, between Rick O’Neal’s bass line and Rawding’s humorous lyrics, it’s hard not to get caught up in the track.

Regardless of the outcome of the 2011 International Blues Challenge, given the mix of the material on Hard River to Row, it is hard not to envision additional mainstream exposure, acclaim and radio airplay for the Delta Generators throughout the year and beyond.

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