Molly Gene

Molly Gene
One Whoaman Band

Folk Blues and Booze Solid Audio Productions

By Jay Scheffler
December 2012

When I listen to Folk Blues, and Booze, I feel like I’m listening to the future. At least I hope this is what the future sounds like. Here’s a young(24) artist/performer with talent and charisma to burn; and she’s playing and singing the rawest, scariest blues being played today. Anyone who’s seen Molly Gene live can attest to the explosive power of her performances and the uniqueness of her sound. She’s a true one whoaman band; playing a vicious slide guitar, drumming with her feet, and singing like a demon simultaneously. This album brings that powerful, unique sound to your home or car speakers and then some. Produced and engineered by the mysterious Solid Audio Productions, Folk Blues and Booze is a gem.

The album opens with an a cappella version of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “When The Train Comes Along”. From there, we’re in full One Whoaman Band mode with “Smells Like Low Tide”; a rockin’ jam about looking for mischief on the beaches of the southern coast. Listening to or reading along to Molly’s lyrics, I notice a distinct lack of blues clichés. Sure there’s innuendo but these innuendos are all her own. The impromptu hay ride in the back of her pickup truck suggested in “Stick Shift” bears ample evidence to this point. Not a jelly roll or handy man in sight! She’s not so much flirting as threatening to get you drunk and take advantage of you. Likewise in “Kiss Me Quick”, Molly goes beyond flirtation and into aggressive seduction.

Elsewhere on the album, Molly shows her range far more-so than on her last album, the full-throttle Hillbilly Love. On “Tumbleweed”, she perfectly captures the sadness and anger that comes with a bad breakup. The emotional weight of the acoustic traditional “Dinks Song” is just crushing. I’ve seen Molly do a set of mostly slower ballads one August night in Arizona when it was just too hot to rock anymore, and she had the sweaty crowd in the palm of her hand.

Molly Gene is constantly touring so do not miss any opportunity to hear her do it live. Until then, pick up Folk Blues and Blues

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