Gaye Adegbalola

Gaye Adegbalola
Blues In All Flavors

Hot Toddy Music (B007NX63DA)

By Ms. Marci
July 2012

I wasn't warned! Well...maybe I was, but, I don't like reading other people's reviews of CD's before I do my own. Let it be said, I wasn't prepared for what I heard!

When I started to listen to the words on this CD, I wondered if it was really her! Fact is though, that Gaye is a teacher. This disc is that woman shining through!

For those of you who know of Gaye from her "Saffire-The Uppity Blues Women" days, you know that much of their material was a little risqué (i.e. “Silver Beaver,” "There's Lightning in These Thunder Thighs,” “Too Much Butt,” etc.). Since parting from that band in 2009, she has been concentrating on her own music. On this disc she focuses on her school teacher/singer/songwriter side. She starts on the sunny side with "The Sunshine Shake." Without going from cut to cut, I'll say that this CD was a big surprise, Ms. Adegbalola. She sings about eating your vegetables, being clean, saying please and thank you, visiting the grand parents and being responsible for things you do, like putting things back if you take them out. All of which come across in a light cheery way. Then she goes a little deeper, addressing issues like bullying, feeling left out and being kind. She touches on Eco-awareness with "The Recycling Song." The last tune is a reggae version of "What A Wonderful World." A nice note to end on, I thought.

I would recommend Blues in all Flavors for anyone who wants to share its lessons ... and music with a child, or the child within themselves!

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