Peter Karp & Sue Foley

Peter Karp & Sue Foley
Beyond the Crossroads

Blind Pig Records

By Lady K
August 2012

Beyond the Crossroads is the second CD from singer, songwriters, and guitarists Peter Karp and Sue Foley, and contains all original rocking blues tunes, with their terrific guitars surrounding their vocals. On this CD, the duo is very admirably backed up by their studio band and a few friends: Swingadelic – horns; Mike Catapano – drums, background vocals; Niles Terrat – bass; Mike Tureene – bass, background vocals; Ken McMahon – drums, background vocals; and James Alexander, Rosalind Brown, Charity Dawson – background vocals.

“We’re Gonna Make It” is a mid-tempo, rockin’ blues duet, about the hard times everyone is experiencing these days, and how being together and working together make a difference: “We’re deep in debt and there ain’t enough / a good job is so hard to find / when you’re feeling down and blue and the whole damned world lies and turns on you, reach out for me / I’m reaching out for you.” Sue Foley is the sole vocalist on the up-tempo “Analyze’n Blues,” a tune about over-analyzing everything that happens in life. “Talked and talked and talked about it, always asking where we’re going, always wondering but never knowing.” She, however, does suggest a solution: “Shut up and make love to me / quiet down my body and my mind.”

Peter Karp soloes on “Beyond the Crossroads” – a rocking up-tempo blues, with terrific slide guitar and an interesting, if somewhat depressing outlook on life: “When you get pushed down you’ve got to get back up / when you’re giving in you’ve got to suck it up / get beyond the crossroads.” And, “I told the world I held my fate in the palm of my hand / I walked real proud and then I talked too loud / And gave God a belly-laugh when he heard my plan.”

“Resistance” is a mid-tempo Sue Foley solo, with a bit of country twang, about how living life can feel like one of those bad dreams everyone has every now and then. “My resistance against myself keeps me yearning for something else / and it’s not going to get better until I wake up and find, this is all inside my mind. It’s just a dream, nothing’s what it seems.”

For a little humor, in “Chance of Rain” Karp bemoans the finicky nature of Mother Nature, in an easy, rocking blues tune – about precipitation. “Air’s crisp / ground’s dry / lo, behold, yonder weather vane. I’ll be damned, chance of rain. Beautiful day, here on the plain / Holy-moly, chance of rain.” Lady K laughed as she reached for her umbrella.

“Plank Spank” is a short, hot little instrumental.

Lady K’s favorite tunes on this CD are the duets, like the mid-tempo “More Than I Bargained For” – “Catch and kiss, cheat and lie / I never let nobody get too deep inside. But this time I got more than I bargained for. This time I’ve learned that love can be something real.” “At the Same Time” has the Karp-Foley duo together again vocalizing on the sexy, hip-swinging uptempo tune, about saying what your love wants/needs to hear, rather than what’s really happening. “You say you love him, but I’m your man / I say I love you, but I’m with her again / at the same time.” Oops!!!

Karp and Foley joined forces in another duet - “You’ve Got a Problem” - which is a rocking, boisterous blues number about a woman’s wrong choices - in love and relationships. He’s telling her that he’s the reason she’s got the blues!! Nice twist on taking the blame; ready? “You and I both know that you’re so drunk and lazy, ‘cause I’m the kind of man who loves to drive women crazy.” Nothing like bragging about being a bad boy!

Lady K liked Beyond the Crossroads – she liked the lyrics - sometimes funny, sometimes ironic lyrics, and she liked the blues-icality!

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