The Delta Flyers

The Delta Flyers
Sixteen Bars

Soulbilly Music Group

By Melissa LeBrun
January 2011

The Delta Flyers brought me back to the “Muddy Waters” era. The vocals are very traditional in their arrangements, and the guitars have a deep-rooted foothold in the backbone of the blues. With sounds of a Dobro and a resonator, I really get that “John Lee Hooker” vibe.

I loved “Poison Took My Baby.” The opening guitar riff was upbeat, caught my immediate attention, I found my foot tapping, and I was singing along to the chorus after the second play. “Poison Took My Baby” keeps a steady beat throughout, has a nice acoustic, strumming rhythm with a bluesy overdub. Be sure to listen twice, as the point of this song really comes out.

Is that a little Chuck Berry influence I hear in the opening riff of “61 Highway Blues?” This song opens with a sweet guitar solo that kept me on my toes waiting for more. Smooth, easy and totally traditional, back to the roots of Mississippi blues. Take your time and play this one, loud!

The Delta Flyers are formed by a tight duo: Stevie DePree and Travis Stephenson. DePree and Stephenson offer listeners original blues from the Mississippi Delta. Their newest release, Sixteen Bars, offers a great mix of traditional blues, a little bluegrass and a lot of foot tapping. Pick up the CD today and experience some real, traditional blues.

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