Dave Fields

Dave Fields
All In


By Lady K.
October 2014

OK, Lady K has been a Dave Fields fan for a few years now, and was thrilled to open a package of CDs from the Boston Blues Society and discover that it contained Dave’s newest disc All In – just waiting for me to listen to and write about.

But first, one teensy complaint: The CD cover says track four is a tune called “Black Widow,” but the fourth track is actually a surreal tune called “Dragon Fly.” It’s a cool tune, very different – about the ‘sound of a dragonfly’s bite.’ Since fans typically don’t buy CDs based on the names of the tracks included, the confusion about which track is which is not a big deal. But note to Dave: ‘Dude, proof read!’

In case you aren’t familiar with him, Dave Fields is a New York City man, an insane guitarist and singer, and a gifted songwriter (some people just ooze talent.)

All In is a funky, rocking blues disc containing nine original tunes, and two amazing covers. Players on this album include people who have played with Dave for a while – both in the U.S. and Europe: Bass (Andy Huenerberg and Tony Tino); drums (Kenny Soule and Dave Moore); and keyboards (Vladimir Barsky and Dave Keyes).

The covers are not obscure. Robert Johnson’s “Cross Road,” electrified here, is amazing. Inhabitants of Guitar Heaven probably play along when they hear this version, and Johnson must love it. The other cover, Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” is about as funky as it can be.

Some scary-heavy guitar opens the first track, “Changes In My Life.” It’s rockin’ blues about how to overcome whatever snags life throws at you - “Sometimes it seems like there’s obstacles at every turn / gremlins that try to sabotage the journey / but I keep going, with the changes in my life.”

“Voodoo Eyes” is a mid-tempo soulful ‘60’s rocker with an instrumental section that will leave you whimpering (if the supernatural lyrics don’t.) “Your secret potions and magic dolls / I’m in a supernatural conference call / don’t know the reason, but I’ve surmised girl you’ve got those voodoo eyes.”

“Let’s Go Downtown” (‘to where they play the blues’) is blues with an up-funky-tempo; it’ll compel you to dance (or to head downtown for a night out). The guitar is insane (as it is on all tracks of all of Dave’s CDs). The heavy-duty rocking blues, backed by Dave Keys’ delicate keyboard, in “Wake Up Jasper” surround a dad’s song to his son: “All the little girls love you / they want to take you home / wake up, time to go to school / you better open up your eyes, time to learn the golden rule.”

Barsky’s uptempo organ in “Not Gonna Let You Get Away” will make listeners sit up and pay attention.

“Got a Hold On Me” has a ton of music going on. It’s up-tempo blues with, sexy funk, and Huenerberg’s compelling bass, and very determined lyrics: “Cause I need that girl, gotta make that girl my own / well it feels like voodoo magic / that girl, she got a hold on me.”

Fields aimed for real sexy in yet another rockin’ blues cut; the mid-tempo “That’s All Right”, and he succeeded – it’s steamy.

All In is Lady K’s new favorite Dave Fields album.

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