Delta Generators

Delta Generators
Get on the Horse

Self-produced, 2013

By Lady K
December 2013

Lady K is totally psyched about this CD, and feels that it is the Delta Generators’ best-ever album. The CD has a larger cast of characters than you’ll see at a live show, and a vast array of additional instruments included in the making of the CD. The players are Rick O’Neal (electric and stand-up bass); Jeff Armstrong (drums, percussion, piano, kalimba); Charlie O’Neal (electric/acoustic guitars, cigar box guitar, banjo); Craig Rawding (vocals, harmonica, percussion, acoustic guitar); John Cooke (organ); and Keri Anderson (vocals).

The arrangements and mixing on Get on the Horse are mind-numbingly amazing, every track has a different feel. The title tune is an up-tempo blues rocker about a mismatched love affair: “I’m just a slave to the love you never gave / get on the horse you rode in on and go back home.” And that’s what the name of the CD is all about – and the cover picture is an attention-grabber (go look). Charlie’s guitar intro immediately grabs your attention on the rockin’ up-tempo track 1, “Whole Lotta Whiskey.” Welcoming a missing friend back to the life: “Takes a whole lotta whiskey just to get it right / you need to let loose child / you been away too long.”

There’s a whole new vibe to the mid-tempo “It’s Been Hard.” It’s a sad love song; this time softly subtle back-up vocals boost Craig’s regrets: “It’s been hard, spinning out and crashing at your feet / I’m a whisper baby, you’re a scream / hard giving up the fight – going left when you went right.”

“Night of the Johnstown Flood” is nearly 7 minutes long on the CD, and memorializes the horrific Johnstown Pennsylvania Flood of 1889. It’s sad and haunting and thought-provoking. This tune contains an amazing instrumental interlude – many minutes long. It’s a perfectly arranged tune, with the guitars playing sweet, mellow and gripping, aided by John Cooke on organ. The tune is a sad, sad ballad, and makes the most of Craig’s vast vocal range.

“The More I Find Out the Less I Want to Know” is a slow-ish sexy blues number, with a touch of Latino tempo – dancers might be tempted to cha-cha-cha. This is a tune about loving a liar (one who doesn’t drink, but has cupboards full of empty booze bottles; one who fails to mention her 3 different baby-daddies). And the liar can’t keep track of her men: “Every time we make love, you call me Fran or Dan or Stan.”

You’ll love the hard-driving beat in the funky blues rocker “Hot Ticket.” The title harkens back many years, when the phrase was used to describe girls/women or the way in which they presented themselves (she’s a ‘hot ticket’, or ‘she thinks she’s a real hot ticket’). In this track the Delta Generators are using the phrase for that very reason: to describe different women and the attitudes they project on the dance floor: “see the girls from New Orleans, out there in her jeans, movin’ like a hurricane.” The organ finale is provided compliments of John Cooke.

One of Lady K’s favorite tracks is “Diablo Rock;” it’s chock full of raunchy, rocking blues guitar from the O’Neal boys. The song is a down ‘n dirty rocker about God and the Devil hanging out in a bar, and at one point the Devil asks “Did you know Gabriel plays trombone?” (Really – the devil is in this music!!!) “Blood Sugar Baby” is a Lady K favorite because it’s gonna make people want to move. It’s a funky dance tune, with Craig hitting the high notes throughout. Throw in Jeff’s driving drum beat and John Cooke’s organ and it’s just a terrific track.

Just a teaser review – the musicians have out-done themselves on Get On The Horse; it’s a wildly impressive bunch of terrific blues music. Go listen.

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