Various Artists

Various Artists
Alive at the Deep Blues Fest

Alive Naturalsound Records -(B009M5KZUO)

By Jay Scheffler
February 2013

The Deep Blues Festival in Minnesota is more than just another blues festival. Founded by Chris Johnson in 2007, this annual underground roots celebration has been a major inspiration and destination for the whole alternative blues movement. Chris knows his stuff. His championing of unsung blues heroes young and old has led to at least two artists having written and recorded songs in his honor. Those of us who haven't written songs about him still know that Chris Johnson is the man to ask if you wanna know what's happening in the deep blues world.

?Alive Naturalsound Records is an independent record label specializing in raw, underground deep blues and garage rock music. Their roster includes such greats as T-Model Ford, Nathaniel Mayer, James Leg, The Black Diamond Heavies, and Left Lane Cruiser.

?Put 'em both together and whatta ya got? Alive At The Deep Blues Fest! Like the Alive roster, this collection runs the gamut from electric delta style two man blues to full blown psychedelic rock. You get a couple of songs each by Deep Blues mainstays like Left Lane Cruiser and Buffalo Killers as well as newer (to these ears anyway) acts such as John The Conqueror and Henry's Funeral Shoe. While the whole thing is pretty heavy on distorted guitar, keyboardist Yusef Quotah adds some nice texture to Brian Olive's two songs and Mark Porkchop Holder lends some GREAT electric blues harp to songs by The Buffalo Killers and Left Lane Cruiser. Elsewhere catchy hooks, soulful vocals, and unique rhythms color tunes by John The Conqueror, Henry's Funeral Shoe, and Lee Bains III. If you love the blues and rock n roll; this CD is the perfect soundtrack for trashing your motel room, getting a speeding ticket, or trying to pick your ex-girlfriend's mom in a dive bar. Pure electric booze-fueled hedonism!

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