Kal David

Kal David
Crossroads of My Life

Crytone Records

By Ms. Marci
June 2011

I could say that I love this CD...which I do. I could tell you that after hearing it, I made a copy to carry in my car...which I did. I could tell you that it is STILL in my car's CD player...which it is. But "Crossroads of My Life" is all that and more! There are ten tracks on this disc, six of which were written by Kal David alone and two of those were collaborations with his wife/musical partner, Lauri Bono, who wrote one cut. Their songwriting skills are evident throughout the entire CD. It is produced and arranged by David and Bono, who also contributed the cover and booklet concept. Tons of talent!

This is no garage band variety blues CD. It has polish and style. This recording starts out on a moderate tempo, positive note (pardon the pun) with "Say Yeah." As we continue, the mood drops into a plaintive blues ballad and Kal really grips your ears in "The Visit." On the next cut, "Free" it gets funky with a syncopated rhythm and unexpected stops and a mini bass/drums solo. Kal gets into this loft voice that adds spice and Lauri's supporting vocals round it out. The vocals are superb. By themselves, Kal and Lauri have warm rich tone, strength and great range but when paired together, as in "Heartache," their voices soar! The tune that Lauri Bono wrote solo, "Heart of Stone," features Kal singing another bluesy ballad.

When I read the song titles, I was pleased to see the cover tune written, "I Idolize You" being sung by Lauri. I know that they wanted to make the song their own by doing it a bit slower than the original. I must say that when I first heard it I thought it was a just too slow. I still think it could have been done a little faster, but, that doesn't mean that I don't love it in spite of that. She does a terrific job of putting herself into it. She doesn't try to be Tina Turner. She is clearly Lauri Bono and that's just fine with my ears!

The final cut, "Crossroads of My Life," takes you to church with a strong gospel groove. I was raised Baptist, so, I wanted to shout, "Amen!" For those of you who don't know the translation of amen, it means "so be it" which I though was fitting.

I would advise buying this disc, but a word of warning. If you put this "Crossroads of My Life" in your CD player, it may take up permanent residence!

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