Candye Kane

Candye Kane
Sister Vagabond

Delta Groove Music Inc - DGPCD148

By David Wilson
November 2011

Reviewers should favor their readers with a statement of their biases at least once in a while just to put their views in context. Mine are the following: Blues in their purest form should also be Personal, Poetic and Passionate. Even derivative forms should include all three elements to the extent that form allows. Only self-accompanied solo performers can achieve the ultimate ideal.

That having been said, we can now talk about others handicapped in one or more of the areas listed above.

In Sister Vagabond, Candye Kane, despite the obvious adult star connotations of the name, and despite a bevy of backing musicians, still manages to demonstrate that heart, spirit and poetry oft reside in very unlikely places. In considering the thirteen tunes here - nine of which she penned - there is not, to my mind, a single throwaway. I donít mean to imply that I like all of them equally, only that there are memorable elements in each of them. Many artists might have been tempted to include a few lesser self-penned songs to round out the production and keep the royalties closer to home. The four selections composed by others all fit nicely into the playlist and Candye interprets them as sensitively as if they were her own.

Her voice is clear and assured, her articulation is superb, her interpretations are persuasive and her delivery spans a wide emotional spectrum that never sounds false. As a writer, her poetry is seductive, ironic and compelling.

Candye is adept at delivering traditional blues, honky tonk, rockabilly or a lyrical ballad. With each listening, I like this CD more and more and while I confess I started out to compose a more tepid review, with repeated listening, I found myself singing along and enjoying it more and more.

Now, having placed Candye up on that pedestal, I want to step back and talk about Laura Chavez who is the primary guitarist on this disc. Seldom have I heard an accompanist as clearly in sync with a vocalistís phrasing or emotional content and I doubt that the collection could be anywhere near as compelling without her contribution. I would wish that someday they might release a CD with just the two of them. While most performers today require backing that covers vocal weakness and mistakes, this artist does not.

I have not heard any of her previous CDís and only experienced a few Youtube postings of some earlier material so I cannot give you a historical perspective on this one. All I can tell you is that this release deserves your attention and that I will be looking for more.

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