Amanda Broadway

Amanda Broadway
Me Without You

Amanda Broadway (B005E2YV1I)

By Ms. Marci
June 2012

Although this disc has only seven cuts, it still, in my mind, qualifies as a CD (my first CD had only six cuts). The first cut, the title track, has a flavor that comes in strong and bluesy. Amanda Broadway’s voice is dynamic and the band, which consists of about 11 other musicians, supports it well (they don't play all at once I might add)!

All the cuts are penned by Ms. Broadway. Not all of them are pure blues, but do have that under-tone. That turn-about happens on the third cut, "This & That," and the fourth cut, "Left & Let Down," which get increasingly funkier. Track five, "Out Of Your Way," and track six, "Ride," are more like moderate tempo ballads.

Track seven gets back to the down 'n' dirty blues. I like her lyrics throughout this disc, but this cut, "Somethin' Funny Goin' On," is one tune I identified with as she laments, "He didn't call me baby, he didn't call me sugar, didn't call me honey, didn't call me lover...I know somethin's wrong because he called me by my name!" I don't know about you, but I know that somethin's wrong when my baby calls me by my name! It goes back to our childhoods. You knew that you were in trouble when you're a kid and your parents called you by your formal name, middle name and all!

Realizing that this was the last cut, I found myself saying, "It that all there is?" Hope she gets that mojo workin' on another ... longer disc.

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