Eden Brent

Eden Brent
Ain’t Got No Troubles

Yellow Dog Records

By Lady K
May 2011

Greetings, Blues-lovers; in case you haven’t heard about Eden Brent, out of Greenville, Mississippi, let me introduce you. Listening to her 2nd CD, Ain’t Got No Troubles will make you feel as tho’ you’ve known this lady for years; she is sharing everything thing she’s learned about life in these tunes. Eden writes the blues, sings the blues, and plays the blues; and she has also brought together a group of musicians who perfectly suit her style; bringing to mind visions of tiny, smoke-filled juke-joints somewhere in the Delta. Colin Linden (guitars), George Porter Jr. (electric bass), Bryan Owings (drums), Tracy Griffin (trumpet), Emile Hall (alto sax), Jeff Albert (trombone), and Jon Cleary (on Hammond B-3) provide the aura of old-fashioned blues music that Eden put together on this CD. Of the 12 tunes, 8 are original and all are worthy of a listen (or many, many listens).

On “Someone to Love,” Eden describes what she needs from a love. It’s a tune that’s funky-bluesy AND a tad down-home sounding. “Ain’t Got No Troubles” is a very cheerful description of a what-the-hell attitude necessary for sanity in today’s world - if you’ve already got nothing, there’s not a lot else that can cause you worry, so . . . don’t. Whenever the world ‘gets better’ this song will still be relevant. “Blues All Over Me” is basically just Eden, her voice and her piano (and really that’s all ya need), as she explains that blues is really what it’s all about – certainly not the man she’s singing about (passed out beside her and unaware that she needs some comfort, the cad). “Leave Me Alone” is a slow, sensual goodbye (hopefully to that same cad in the previous tune). She leaves him in no doubt that if he is leaving, he needs to really be gone – no second chances, no dropping by, no phone calls (don’t let the door hit . . . you know the rest). The brass accompaniment adds just the right touch of sadness and emotion to the vocals.

“Let’s Boogie Woogie” is a jumpin-blues tune that will have your toes tapping, if you aren’t already up and boogie-ing along. Bryan Owings’ cymbal could have been intrusive, but instead it’s just the right touch. Lady K actually felt badly for Eden while listening to this tune – it must be hard enough to play kick-ass piano while vocalizing to an up-beat; must be really hard to dance at the same time. Continuing the happy times, “My Man” is a celebration of finding a man who sounds like a keeper. It’s another jumpin-jiving tune that lets you pretend the drumstick clicking in the background is someone tap-dancing along to the up-tempo. “If I Can’t” (have you, I don’t want nobody else) has a nice twist – ‘just’ Eden vocalizing, accompanied by Linden’s acoustic guitar. It’s a gutsy move for someone who is used to sharing the stage with a great big piano. “In Love With Your Wallet” is another upbeat tune that explains to some (stupid) man (sorry – just seem to be so very many of them out there) that the other woman that he’s taken with is really more into his wallet than his personality. “Goodnight Moon” – an awesome cover of a Kimbrough/Owen tune that works wonderfully with Eden’s soulful vocals. Slow, sad, goodbye, great tune. Seriously, check out this CD.

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